Project Permit

Narrated by Flip Pallot, A Pathway for Permit, tells the story of the collaborative efforts of Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, Costa Sunglasses, and fishing guides to conserve and protect the Florida Keys’ iconic permit fishery, and provide the information resource managers need to better manage the fishery.

Buffet Series Season 2 | Salmonfly Buffet

Salmonflies are GIANT bugs, 3-4″ in length, and they live out the majority of their lives as nymphs on the river bottom. However, each year when conditions are just right the crawl out of the water and hatch along the banks of many Western rivers here in the US. This is a hatch that both anglers and fish anticipate all year long! These bugs are big enough to turn the head of every fish in the river. We experienced some of the best dry fly fishing imaginable, and we are excited to share it with you.

Buffet Series Season 2 | Backcountry Buffet

A lighthearted story of a father and son exploring the backcountry in pursuit of cutthroat trout and pure adventure! This is a trip that my son Andrew and I have been dreaming about for years. Backpacking and fly fishing in an amazing location with cutthroat trout willing to slam big dry flies! It was also a time for me, as a parent, to reflect on the importance of carving out time to spend with the ones I Iove before the opportunity is gone. We hope you enjoy!

Series Overview: Three years ago we launch the original Buffet Series which consisted of 8 fly fishing adventures from around the globe. We had so much fun creating and sharing those stories that we decided to create a second round of fly fishing adventure films. In season 2 we stay a bit closer to home and focus on the amazing trout fisheries the West has to offer. We invite you to join us on these adventures as we share some of our favorite experiences with you. Whether your preference is chasing trout in a cold mountain stream, bonefish on a secluded flat, or large mouth bass in your favorite warm water pond, this series has something for you!

Buffet Series Season 2 | Green Drake Buffet

Green Drake Buffet highlights what could be the hatch that trout look forward to the very most, the Green Drakes. In this episode we show every life stage of the Drakes, and spend our time targeting them once the hatch picks up and the dry fly action intensifies. Exceptionally large mayflies entice even the biggest of fish to the surface. We hope you enjoy!

Buffet Series Season 2 | Brookie Buffet

Brookie Buffet is the first episode of the second season of the Buffet Series.  This episode features Phil Tuttle, Gilbert Rowley, and Andrew Rowley, Gilbert’s 13 year old son. Brook trout are near and dear to their hearts and weave through their life stories.  This is a tale of beginnings and how the joy of fly fishing never really fades. Enjoy the visual experience!


In honour of International Women’s Day, we are pleased to share a film produced a few years back when we teamed up with Faceless Fly Fishing Media….
An inspirational fly-fishing film about an adventerous couple pursuing their passion, which leads them on a memorable adventure under a smoke soaked skyline in search of the perfect image of oversized dry-fly sipping rainbows. For those who’ve never had a trout rise to a dry, a fish might just be a cold-blooded creature with fins and spots, but to you and I they’re the objects of our memories, of our pictures, of our attention. They’re why, as we leave the river, we’re already dreaming about the next trip.
For anyone who hasn’t gotten to know this couple through their breathtaking images, this is a great way to catch up. Enjoy!

The Winter Collection | Rainbow Buffet

Fly fishing lakes is a great way to catch some of your biggest fish each season.  Phil & Gilbert were fortunate to meet up with good friends, Jace Adams and Shaye Jackson who showed them a special gem of a lake in Southern Utah. Southern Utah is known for it’s red rocks and desert, but there just happens to be some rainbows down there that should also be calling for attention.

The Winter Collection | Belize Buffet

Belize reveals it’s amazing tarpon and permit fishery!

Phil and Gilbert had one of the most outstanding saltwater fly fishing adventures with El Pescador Lodge based in Belize. Each day they target tarpon, and each day they jump and land multiples. Presented with many shots at feeding permit each day, and a handful of other flats species – this fishery did not disappoint!

The Winter Collection | Chrome Buffet

Winter steelhead are super large, aggressive fish that are truly in a class of their own! They can reach lengths over 40 inches, and some of these fish are in the 20 lbs range. The rain forest of the Olympic Peninsula is home to many rivers that feed right into the ocean. When these winter fish leave the salt and return to freshwater they are in their prime. Pure muscle that is chromed out in all it’s glory!

Phil and Gilbert have been chasing steelhead for nearly a decade. However, neither had experienced fresh chrome fish within a few miles of the ocean. This is a different ballgame! With the help of Captain Keith Allison of Chrome Chasers, they were blessed to find some winter steel that only dreams are made of!

Aldo Leopold discussed three ways to improve one’s enjoyment of the wild. First is to explore new areas, and second is to spend more time immersed in nature. The third is to learn more about the environment you’re exploring. As an angler, you may already have intimate knowledge with the power and majesty of fresh-from-the-salt-steelhead. It’s hard to beat the visceral interaction. But learning more about the species can only increase your appreciation of them.
There are great organizations already out there doing work today to protect wild steelhead. Reach out to them and find out how you can help.

The Winter Collection | Bully Buffet

Hands down one of the most magical fly fishing excursions! Bull trout are some of the most amazing predators on this planet. Their voraciousness and willingness to eat giant streamers puts them in an elite group of freshwater predators.