Born from a simple idea in the back of a fly shop, Fly Fusion has grown from a single issue of a magazine into a full-blown media brand dedicated to creating community and curating the finest fly-fishing writing, photography, and filmmaking in the world.

Built on breath-taking imagery, world-class stories, and peerless instruction, Fly Fusion is more than a magazine. It’s more than a television show. And it’s more than a film festival…

It is the SOUL of fly fishing.


To submit your article or idea, please send your query to:

Chris Bird | Editorial Director


Feature articles should focus on a specific topic with an emphasis placed on the content being of value to the reader.

Brand Reference: Avoid advertising in an article. When referring to brand names and fly-fishing services, please ensure that they work within the context of the sentence or paragraph. All brand, guide, service or lodging references deemed unsuitable will be removed from the article prior to publishing.

Anecdotes: Avoid writing articles that are strictly narrative. Anecdotes within an article are welcome. The function of anecdotes will be to provide a stimulating framework for communicating or “weaving in” the instructional context of the article.

Article should be a minimum of 2,500 words, not to exceed 3,000 words. Supply at least 20 curated photos. When fly patterns are referenced in an article please include the corresponding recipes and photos of the flies.

Note: provide any special requests for photo credits at the time of submission. If none are provided the author’s name will be used.


Photo essays are an opportunity to provide readers an escape; to “travel” through your lens. Photos, wherever possible, should convey community and must be stunning. Photos should tell the story in its entirety.

Items needed with submission:
Selection of 35 or more photos that pertain to the content of the editorial.
Editorial comprised of 500 words in short-story format.

Note: provide any special requests for photo credits at the time of submission. If none are 
provided author’s name will be used.

If your article is confirmed for publication, details of your submission deadline will be provided. Please refer to editorial calendar at the end of this document.

A complete article submission should include the finished article, images as outlined above and any applicable diagrams and/or drawings. Article text should be submitted in a current version of Microsoft Word.

Where possible, please use gender-neutral language. Ex. ‘fly angler’ instead of ‘fly fisherman’
Unfortunately, Canadian spelling is somewhat nonstandard in that it includes both American and British conventions. For words where confusion commonly arises, this magazine uses

  • “re” not “er” (ex. theatre rather than theater)
  • ”our” not “or” (ex. colour rather than color)
  • “z” not “s” (ex. magazine rather than magasine)
  • “gue” not “g” (ex. catalogue rather than catalog)
  • When using words that do not fall under these categories, remain consistent throughout your article.

Font style: Calibri
Font size: 11 pt
Line spacing: 1.0
Single space after all punctuation. This includes end punctuation and colons.
Avoid the use of page numbers, headers, or footers
Avoid the use of mix fonts and font sizes


Payment is made net 60 days of publication. Pay rate may vary based on the completeness of the submission package and photos as outlined above. We purchase first time North American serial rights for articles and photos. This includes the ability to publish the material online. Purchased editorial and photography may also be repurposed for use in promotional efforts.