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The Passion

Sat Sep 25th 2021

The Passion is a true ongoing story about transferring a very deep Flyfishing legacy from a Father to his son. Don’t miss this true-life handing down of a passion and a legacy. Make sure to VOTE for your top film in the Stimmies Awards. You are helping an up-and-coming filmmaker win a ton of loot and a spot in the 2022 International Fly Fishing Film Festival. Winner will be announced October 8.

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What Remains

Fri Sep 24th 2021

Two university students travel to the Sierra Nevada’s of California to fly fish and document the progression and regression of the native Golden Trout and Lahontan Cutthroat Trout. What Remains, is a finalist in the 2021 Stimmies Film Awards. Angler’s Choice vote is now open. Vote your top film today!

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Thu Sep 23rd 2021
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The Greater Miami Area borders the vast wilderness of the Florida Everglades. The Fish know no boundaries, as the lines blur where the sawgrass meets the pavement. Eric Estrada’s film GladesDays has been selected as a Stimmies Awards finalist – watch and vote today [HERE]!

River Talks to Me

Wed Sep 22nd 2021

Ayato Otsubo tells the story of mastering the art of fishing to become an accomplished guide…with the help of an unassuming mentor. The film, River Talks to Me, is a Stimmes Awards finalist. Vote your favourite today! Winner will be announced October 8!

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Fly Fishing 2020

Tue Sep 21st 2021

Short and sweet, Josh Nelson takes us on a “best of” trip through his 2020 fishing adventures. Watch all Top-12 Angler’s Choice Stimmies Awards films and vote today!

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A Journey Upstream

Mon Sep 20th 2021

This is the story of two seemingly unrelated fish that help us understand the connectivity within our environment and the importance of a healthy Chesapeake Bay watershed.
The Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the country, and Maryland’s crowned jewel. From striped bass in the main stem of the Bay, to brook trout in the far reaches of the watershed, Maryland has a lot to offer. My brother and I are young anglers and we feel a responsibility to fight for the health of these places because the future of these resources are in our hands. After spending time in these places we’ve found that the more time we spend in them, the more we know about them, and the more we know about them, the more we’re willing to fight for them.

Watch all Top-12 films and VOTE for your top pick for the Stimmie Awards today!

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The Day I Disremembered

Sun Sep 19th 2021

This is a story of Chris Hanson’s unique past and present and how he refocused his life with a new found passion on the river. The Day I Disremembered is a tale that must be watched to be believed. Don’t miss the chance to watch all the Stimmies Awards Top-12 picks. Watch and vote now!

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Cutthroat and Couloirs

Sat Sep 18th 2021

A multi-sport day in Rocky Mountain National Park- skis in the morning, cutthroat in the afternoon. The only thing in the way are the hordes of tourists…Now’s your chance to watch and Vote Today!

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The Diamond River

Wed Sep 15th 2021

Filmmakers Chris Walley & Pierre Joubert take us dry-fly fishing for yellowfish in Africa! Smallmouth yellowfish are usually caught with heavy nymphs, right on the bottom. In this short film, we introduce a part of a river system where the fish have adapted to feed predominantly on the surface.
Make sure to watch all Stimmies 2021 Top-12 finalists and VOTE today. Winner will be announced October 8th.

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Tue Sep 14th 2021

Time is our most valuable asset that we possess, once spent, we can never get it back. Like fatherhood, spent wisely, it will return tenfold. Being a father is a privilege, and one not taken lightly for Quinn Styles. Join Quinn and his son Jack as they spend the day fishing for brown trout, spending their valuable time together!

Vote for your favourite Stimmies Awards Film today!

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End of the Line | Intruder Alert!

Tue Aug 24th 2021

If you have picked up a copy of the Fall issue of Fly Fusion, you are already enjoying the artful tying of Irene Vucko (@speygirl)!  Well, here’s one more bonus pattern along with the full recipe so you can try your hand at tying a few beauties for your fall fishing!

Freestyle Spey #3

Hook:      Salmon Wet Fly

Thread: Purple Textreme, 6/0

Tag:          Fine Oval Silver Tinsel

Tip:           Purple Glo Brite Floss

Tail:          Golden Pheasant Crest, Chartreuse

Butt:        Peacock Herl

Body:      Rear Half: Charcoal Floss

Front Half: Blue Pheasant Rump, palmered over 50/50 blend of Charcoal Seal dubbing & Purple Ice Dubbing

Rib:          Medium Oval Silver Tinsel

Collar:     Teal Flank, Purple

Wing:       Grizzly Hackle Tips, Blue

Shoulder: smaller Purple Pheasant Rump, Jungle Cock

The Guide Issue

Fri Aug 20th 2021

The latest edition is headed to mailboxes as we speak!  Keep an eye out for your copy arriving in the next week or so.  Here’s a little peek into what you can expect from this issue…

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