The Health Collection: Blown Away

Mon Apr 6th 2020
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Sometimes, the way a situation presents itself isn’t obvious at first—in both fly fishing and in life. There are challenges, obstacles, and a fair amount of frustration. Occasionally, however, the dark curtains open up to reveal something so unexpected and rewarding that we’re simply left in awe.

Next in our Health Collection lineup: Blown Away, by Fly Fusion Films.

“Blown Away” sees the Fly Fusion hosts show up on a favorite stretch of river just as major windstorm blows down the valley. They set up the rods in hopes that the wind will push terrestrials onto the water. When the wind finally dies down, their persistence is rewarded with a number of spectacular trout.

The Health Collection: Laplanders

Fri Apr 3rd 2020
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As the world continues to evolve amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we here at Fly Fusion and the International Fly-Fishing Film Festival just want to share some good vibes. And for us, that means taking our minds off of everything else and focusing on fly fishing. At least for a little while.

For the next installment of the Health Collection, we share a story about anglers in northern Sweden: “Laplanders” by Hooké.

“Laplanders” traces the portrait of those who live by the rivers of Lapland in Northern Sweden. Their quest for the Baltic Salmon is one every fisherman can relate to: an ever-going search for the next fish, and the only certitude is the efforts that will be needed to reach it. This film is an immersion into the life of those who chase, document and protect the salmon in the land of the midnight sun.

The Health Collection: Secrets

Wed Apr 1st 2020
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Straight from our archives, this is one of our favorites from the Fly Fusion Series. Sit back, enjoy, and be sure to practice social distancing as much as possible as we present the next installment of the Health Collection: Secrets, by Fly Fusion Films.

With over 7 billion people on the planet, it’s difficult to find places where the water runs cold and clear and where the human footprint is nearly non-existent. Jim McLennan, Derek Bird, and Paula Shearer helicopter into one of these places, and what they find far exceeds their expectations. In fact, the fly fishing is so good they can’t help but keep it a secret.

The Health Collection: Gold Fever

Mon Mar 30th 2020

We know that you’d rather be out fishing right now. So would we. While we may not be able to make that happen, hopefully this might help. The International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4) and Fly Fusion Films have opened up our video vaults to provide you with some excellent fly-fishing films to help get you through these trying times.

Keep your eyes peeled every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for another film from the archive. Now for today’s featured film: “Gold Fever” by Burl Productions.

Gold Fever is when you get the taste of gold and you will stop at nothing to get more. Jobs, relationships, obligations are disregarded. The only thing you can think about is another nugget. In this case those nuggets are huge wild brown trout from the heart of the Mother Lode in the Sierra Foothills of California.

Editor's Choice Awards | Best Buy

Thu Mar 19th 2020

Best Buy: Blue Coolers 50L Ice Vault Cooler

If there’s one thing we’ve seen an influx of the last several years across the outdoors industry, it’s heavily engineered, nearly indestructible coolers. What we haven’t seen is one as affordable as Blue Coolers’ 50L Ice Vault. With all the features and functions of the higher-priced models—roto-molded construction, lockable lids, non-slip feet, insulated walls, just to name a few—at a fraction of the price, Blue Coolers may just be on to something here. The performance alone makes this cooler worth hundreds more than its MSRP, and it’s refreshing to find a high-end cooler that doesn’t cost as much as a car payment.

Check out all cooler and accessories available at Blue Coolers today!

Featured Video: How to Fish an Attractor Pattern

Sat Mar 14th 2020

In this episode of RIO’s “How To” series, RIO ambassador Phil Rowley talks about how to fish attractor patterns in a lake using sinking lines. Attractor patterns (called “lures” in Europe) are flies that irritate and annoy trout; triggering bites from non-feeding fish. There are plenty of times an angler will get to a stillwater and find fish are not visually, or obviously, feeding, and on days like this, knowing how to fish such attractor flies can turn a bad trip into a very successful day on the water.

Phil talks about why and when you would fish attractor patterns, which retrieves to work with, what gear to use and explains about key fishing tactics like “Fishing The Hang” and “The Washing Line” – two deadly lake fishing techniques.

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Bruce's DDP Stone

Fri Mar 13th 2020

Bruce’s DDP Stone | Justin Bruce @justinbruceflies

As seen in the Winter 2019 issue of Fly Fusion Magazine

Sitting at the vise, I thought, I want a heavy, buggy, leggy, stonefly that uses my Houdini-weave and lays the smack down like Diamond Dallas Page. Blame it on the Dark Side of the Moon soundtrack playing in the background, but what came off the vise was a DDP stone. Some people swear by natural imitations, but I’ve always been a sucker for wild colours and flash. Green legs have been the ticket on North Georgias Toccoa River tailwater lately.

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Editor's Choice Awards | Transport System

Thu Mar 12th 2020

Best Transport System: Yakima Double Haul

Roof top rod carriers have become common place in many areas of the US. An easy identifier for fly fisherman no matter where you go. In recent months a number of new rooftop rod carriers have come out and the Yakima Double Haul is the latest, and quite possibly the best. A 4-rod roof top carrier that I will be the first to say, finally looks good on your vehicle. The Double Haul’s tough appearance comes from a solid black, full welded construction with a molded black reel compartment. Unpacking the Double Haul, the first thing you will notice is the same quality you have come to expect from Yakima, with high end components like weather resistant locks, full aluminum construction with stout connections between the tubes and the cross bar mounts. It can also be shortened to hold rods broken down into two sections 5’ or less. A plus from this engineering is the lack of road vibration that can eventually create wear spots on rod blanks. Assembly and installation took about 30 minutes and was easily a one person job. The best surprise was on the inside. Each of the tubes is lined with a soft plastic tube to protect rods against blank rubbing. The reel compartment is lined in carpet and reels are cradled on their side, rather than hanging, which saves fly lines and protects those high end reels. The system is also a breeze to take on and off with large hand-tightened bolts clamping to a variety of sizes of roof racks, and a single lock to prevent theft. At $699 the Double Haul is not the cheapest system but when protecting up to 4 high end fly fishing outfits that could easily be worth over $5,000, it seems like a solid investment.

Featured Video | Dry Fly Fishing in Cranbrook, BC

Wed Mar 11th 2020
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We live and work in one of the most beautiful little corners of the world and are blessed to call these waters home.  Special thanks to Fishing BC and Kelly & Karen Laatsch for perfectly showcasing the dry-fly fishery located right in our own backyard!

“We can run our business on the premise that we are dry-fly specialists”, Kelly evokes a level of certainty when he describes the fact that Westslope Cutthroat will often dodge other sub-surface insects to attack a dry fly.

“People travel the world, they come to this river to see the beautiful nature, the Rockies, we are so lucky to have it in our backyard; It’s one of a kind.”

@stmarysflyshop @fishingbc

Editor's Choice Awards | Best Hooks

Tue Mar 10th 2020

Umpqua X-Series

 If we’re being honest, fly-fishing hooks are sort of like an anonymous cog in a well-oiled machine; they’re only noticed when they fail. That’s why it’s important to use quality hooks in your own tying, and Umpqua’s new X-Series is a great place to start. Developed with what they dub a BN5X, or black nickel 5 times, finish for extreme corrosion resistance, the X-Series hooks also feature a high carbon content, which not only makes the points sharper, but makes the hooks stronger as well. One feature we particularly like is the V-Lock Bend, which is a slight angle placed in the bend of the hook that, when combined with the Micro Barbs, results in less fish lost. The X-Series is available in Saltwater and Trout offerings, including some of Umpqua’s most popular models over the years.

Check ’em out online!

Featured Film | Querencia

Mon Mar 9th 2020
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With support from Chevron Mining, Inc., the LOR Foundation, Trout Unlimited, and dedicated village leaders, Questa is building an economy based on outdoor recreation, traditional agriculture, and light industry. And though the finish line may be a ways off, the right pieces are falling into place, including a vibrant arts scene, the opening of a Questeño guide business and the Questa del Rio Colorado News, a monthly paper featuring creative takes on local events.

Before it could sell the world on its unique appeal, Questa has had to sell that appeal to itself. In restoring its church, Questa has remembered the vital importance of its traditional culture and the need to cherish and protect it as its economy evolves. Questa has rediscovered its mountains as cultural artifacts. The Rio Grande cutthroat trout that have fed its families and will generate tourism, the liquid snow that has darkened its alfalfa for cows, lambs and cabritos, these are culture too.

This is the Questa that Questa wants to be, for those will visit and the sons and daughters who’ll come home.

Featured Artist | David Danforth

Mon Mar 9th 2020

If you’ve attended any Fly Fishing Show in North America, you’ve likely run into David Danforth this year.  And, its not an encounter you would soon forget.  His artwork is a psychedelic mix of media and colour that is like nothing you have seen in the fly-world previously.  We have fallen hopelessly in love with more pieces than we have wall space to exhibit and we’re sure you will feel the same.

Check out David’s work and follow his cross-country journey on IG @reellocal


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