Bajio Announces Support of Bonefish & Tarpon Trust

Mon Mar 20th 2023

Bajío, a leading independent sunglasses manufacturer, has announced its support of Bonefish & Tarpon Trust as a Silver Corporate Partner. Based in New Smyrna Beach, FL, Bajío is a brand motivated by a profound connection to the water and a drive to inspire positive change.

“We are so excited to be able to work with BTT!” said Bajío CEO Al Perkinson. “There are many challenges facing our flats today. Natural disasters, over development, water quality issues, ocean trash, climate change, over-fishing, and commercial irresponsibility all threaten the future of our flats. Finding solutions to mitigate the threats is not easy. These are complicated problems to untangle. However, if we build the case with solid, scientific data and rally together to amplify our voice, we can get the message heard and actions implemented. BTT has the data, the plan, and the ability to rally the troops. We are looking forward to enthusiastically adding our voice and our resources to the cause.”

Spanish for “the shallows,” Bajío strives to improve the quality of life for the world’s saltwater flats, the ecosystems they support, and the communities that depend on them. A carbon neutral company, Bajío manufactures its glasses with sustainability at the forefront, using plant-based materials in their frames and high-quality glass lenses built to filter out the bad and enhance the good.

From eco-friendly design and materials to recycled packaging, every business decision Bajío makes supports its mission to protect the world’s saltwater flats. Bajío is committed to creating and continuously improving its products to meet the highest performance standards while using the most sustainable resources and best practices available.

With over 100 years of collective eyewear experience, Bajío’s technical expertise runs deep. Every detail is designed for the demands of all-day use on the water. Using proprietary techniques, Bajío is able to improve lens clarity, reduce blur, glare and haze while enhancing color and protecting your eyes from harmful rays. Follow along at for the latest news and updates on Bajío’s quest to save the ocean, one flat at a time.

“We appreciate Bajio’s support of BTT,” said President and CEO Jim McDuffie. “Bajio not only produces acclaimed products that complement the sport and lifestyle our members enjoy but does so with an unwavering, values-driven commitment to the resource—and the planet.”

Letting Go

Wed Mar 15th 2023

Kastine Coleman has joined the Fly Fusion Editorial Team with her new quarterly column; Tight Loops, Tight Lines – the same name as her popular TV/Youtube series.  Now you can look forward to each issue featuring an in-depth read with stunning images followed by the full experience in film format.  Up first is Episode 3: Fish and Feast!

If you haven’t already, pick up the latest issue of Fly Fusion to read Kastine’s debut editorial; Letting Go!

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What's New in the Tying Game?

Wed Mar 15th 2023

If you’re like me, you spend an unhealthy amount of time looking at fly fishing gear. Though you may not need that new seal disc drag fly reel or the matching blue backing, you still look, nonetheless. Those of us who tie tend to fall into the same routine, clicking that “What’s New” category in fly tying, to see the latest and greatest in the fly tying world. We do this knowing we probably won’t deviate far from the pheasant tails, hares ears, caddis, and simulators that overflow our boxes. Yet, these days, it seems like there are new products to be excited about; and unlike rods, reels, waders, and boots, fly tying materials often don’t break the bank.

In the Spring 2021 issue, Dana Harrison reviewed some newly released fly tying products to see if they live up to the hype.  Following are a few patterns he tied up in the process.

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Spring 2023 Issue Out Now!

Thu Feb 23rd 2023

Check out the Spring Issue – headed to subscriber mailboxes today! Don’t miss and issue. Subscribe to read these great stories…

Don’t Mention It | Allen Crater

“My buddy was taking me to one of his top-secret fishing spots, a stretch he affectionately terms “The Murder Water.” I’ve never been entirely sure what that means but, coming from a cop, it doesn’t seem like a compliment.”

Can You Go Home Again? | Jim McLennan

Fifty years after forming his first fishing memories there, Jim McLennan wondered if his nostalgic recollections of Jasper National Park, in Alberta, would be tarnished by the changes which must have surely transpired there. In the summer of 2022, he returned to find out.

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Only the Salmon Knows | PALM Festival 2023

Tue Feb 7th 2023

Discover the first of two Hooké films presented in the 6th edition of the Palm Festival.

For the past 15 years, Fred Campbell has travelled relentlessly across eastern Canada to fly fish for Atlantic salmon. In the rich territories of Nunavik, Labrador, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Quebec, he has discovered beautiful rivers where these mysterious fish come to spawn. After all these years, his passion and curiosity are still strong. His desire to get in touch with the fish of a lifetime has grown over the years, pushing him to continue learning and exploring. Stories of great salmon have been heard, but for them to take the fly, many factors must align.

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Mayfly Outdoors Announces Acquisition of Dyna-King Inc.

Mon Feb 6th 2023

Mayfly Outdoors announced today it will acquire Dyna-King Inc., makers of the world’s finest hand-crafted fly-tying vises and tools. Dyna-King production will move to Montrose, CO, home of Ross Reels and Abel Reels. President of Mayfly Group, Jeff Wagner said, “This is a great day for our company as we continue to grow our family of brands. Dyna-King is perfectly suited to join the Ross and Abel brands as U.S. made, premium, legacy, fly-fishing products. We look forward to partnering with the Dyna-King retailers and customers that have known and trusted the brand for so many years. We will carry forward the legacy of innovation, quality and customer service that Dyna-King is known for.”

Karen Hall, current President of Dyna-King, said “It is a positive move for Dyna-King. My mom and dad are giving me the ‘atta-girl’ from Heaven. We are excited to see the family legacy continue with a company that is willing to care for it.” Mayfly will be transitioning the production and shipping of Dyna-King to their facility in Montrose over the next 6 months.

Fly Fusion Gear Box!

Sun Jan 8th 2023

This quarterly subscription box brings the absolute best fly-fishing provisions right to your doorstep.  Receive the latest gear, fly patterns, tying tools, tips, swag and more, curated by our editor’s – those guys and gals that spend every waking minute on the water!  Each box is brimming with fly fishy goodness that will feed your passion year-round.

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Featured Fly Tyers | Agnieszka & Arek Kubale

Thu Dec 1st 2022

Featured in the Winter issue of Fly Fusion, married couple Agnieszka and Arek Kubale own and operate Tuhola, a fly-tying company that supplies anglers across Europe with a wide range of fliesfrom trout and grayling patterns to saltwater offerings. Agnieszka is renown for her UV resin flies and clean tying technique. Arek is a fly-fishing photographer and journalist and has published his work in various fishing magazines. They share their time between houses in Poland and Sweden: one on theBaltic coast in the small fishing village of Junoszyno, Poland. Second located at the salmon river Torne, far in subarctic region of Sweden.

Grab a copy of the current issue to check out their Waddle Shrimp, Bead Eye Chillimps, Black Head Sandeel and Mirage Minnow!  In the meantime, enjoy these BONUS patterns.

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Hooked on: Redfish | Costa Films

Thu Dec 1st 2022

Narrated by Costa Pro Capt. Carter Andrews, ‘Hooked On: Redfish’ takes viewers on a fishing road trip from the outer banks of the coastal Mid-Atlantic to the famed Laguna Madre of the Lone Star State. At each destination, you’ll hear from local guides on what their area has to offer, and what strategies they employ to find success on the water; but beyond merely covering areas and tactics, ‘Hooked On: Redfish’ gives viewers a taste of the regional fishing subculture revolving around America’s most beloved inshore gamefish.

IF4 Worldwide Virtual Event

Thu Dec 1st 2022
IF4 Worldwide Virtual Event is on now through December 15! This is your last chance to purchase tickets for the 2022 Virtual International Fly Fishing Film Festival! Watch anywhere you like with as many friends and family as you like all for the cost of a single ticket! Ticket sales are on sale now thorough December 15th…and when you buy tickets NOW, you will save 30%! Once you have your ticket, you can activate it anytime before the end of the year and you will have a full 7 days access to the film! PLUS! Now you can pick up your one year subscription to Fly Fusion Magazine for the discounted rate of ONLY $25! Order now and we will send you the next published issue. What could be better than 2 hours of fly fishing adventures followed by a full year of the best stories and images on the planet?!? As always, there will be draws for prizes following each virtual screening AND one lucky ticket holder will be the recipient of our year-end GRAND PRIZE with a boatload of swag from our generous sponsors!


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Give back to the Yellowstone

Tue Nov 29th 2022

Simms Joins Forces with Montana Freshwater Partners to Repair and Restore One of the State’s Most Vital and Iconic Watersheds

In early June of 2022, a combination of an unusual atmospheric rain event and warm overnight temperatures coincided with Montana’s peak runoff, resulting in a devastating 500-year flood event. Due to the catastrophic flood, all five entrances to Yellowstone National Park closed, thousands of park visitors were evacuated, bridges, houses, and roadways were completely swept away leaving millions of dollars in damages behind, and years of rejuvenation ahead.

To the residents of southwest Montana, the Yellowstone River is not only a vital economic resource, it’s an ecosystem that’s essential to their way of life.

Regarding the damage and destruction, Simms immediately leaned into to their longstanding heritage of making waders and embarked on a partnership project conceived to generate significant funding support towards a campaign designed to revitalize the iconic Yellowstone ecosystem.

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