Fully Dressed Bonus Patterns

King Charles

Hook: Partridge 8/0 blind eye

Eye: Silk gut

Tag: round gold twist yellow silk

Tail: golden pheasant crest with indian crow on top

Butt: black ostrich

Body: black silk on one half of the body with embossed gold tinsel x-wrapped ribbed, butted with black ostrich, round diamond studded bead

Forward Body: purple, burgundy, and black seal, ribbed with round gold tinsel

Wing: buzzard guinea, black with white center underwing layered over with three peacock pheasant feathers

Cheeks: Bronze Impia feather under chartreuse neck feather

Veiling: golden pheasant

Head: black wool

Bronze Glory

Hook: Harrison Bartlet Dee 5/0

Eye: Silk gut

Tag: gold round tinsel, brown silk with round gold tinsel ribbed

Tail: Hungarian pheasant wing feather, two on top and two on bottom

Butt: black ostrich

Body: ¼ light brown silk ribbed with dark brown silk, ribbed on both sides with round gold tinsel on the x-wrapped middle.  Center portion – Black ostrich, bronze disk, black ostrich, round bone from India design carved, black ostrich, round bronze disk, black ostrich collar,

Front ¼ black seal fur ribbed with gold oval medium tinsel

Throat: Temminck’s tragopan crest feather with back feather on each side

Wing: Partridge wing feather under Temminck’s tragopan wing feather, under four back feathers, large to small

Crest: orange golden pheasant crest

Collar: Brown wool

Head: black thread