2021 Gift Guide | Tie Craft Desks & Stations

Ok, we admit it – our Tie Craft desk gets quite a few more miles than that of a tying desk.  When Drew sent us this beauty, everyone in the office was fighting over it for their daily work space.  Ultimately, it has been claimed by Kaylee…who is clearly “kind of a big deal”.
Not only is Drew’s craftsmanship stunning (seriously, the man is an artist!), it is so incredibly functional.  As a tying station, there is organizational space days.  This particular live-edge desk is a whopping 3’ x 5’,ensuring there is no shortage of desk-top space to spread out materials.  Every desk is one-of-a-kind, embracing every knot, and unique detail of the wood that is carefully selected for the piece.
There are several models of desks and stations available and if you don’t see the one you have been dreaming of, just reach out to Drew and he will bring your vision to reality.  And, don’t worry about shipping, ours arrived without a nick after travelling all the way through customs and up to our corner of the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia!
These desks will make for an especially personal gift that will last a lifetime!  Visit Tie Craft online to choose your model today!

2021 Gift Guide | Scaly Designs Rod Tube

If you have been looking for a one-of-a-kind gift or maybe even a unique treat to add to your fly gear, look no further!  John Noble, who has a background in automotive painting has turned his artistic passion to airbrushing…specifically some fishy designs.  It almost feels wrong to bring this piece of art to the streamside but these tubes are as durable as they are beautiful.

Choose from a dozen fish themed designs for your rod tube, Yeti Water Bottle or mug.  Don’t see the exact design you had in mind?  Just reach out to John and he can bring your idea to life!

Stream Lines | Life Like Evan

Evan is an elderly gentleman Ive run into at least five times in the last three years. He walks the paths near where I fish for steelhead and cutthroat through the late winter months. I actually dont know his name, though weve spent enough time talking now where I feel like I should know his name, so its going to be awkward when we finally get around to formal introductions. Though realistically, Im really not sure he recognizes me from our previous conversations. Regardless, he looks like he could be an Evan. Hes relatively short with glasses (and without I assume) and looks like a kinder, happier, wispy haired version of the actor Ed Harris.

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The Guide Issue

The latest edition is headed to mailboxes as we speak!  Keep an eye out for your copy arriving in the next week or so.  Here’s a little peek into what you can expect from this issue…

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LL’s Perdigon Torch | Landon Lacroix

LL’s Perdigon Torch

Hook: Daiichi 4647 Size 16

Bead: MFC Slotted Tungsten Lucent Bead-Orange

Thread: Uni 6/0w-Doc Blue

Tail: Calftail-Orange

Body: Veniard Stripped Quill-Orange

UV: Solarez Bone Dry

Wingcase: Solarez Thick/Hard and Solarez UV Fly Finish-Black


Featured in “End of the Line” in the Summer 2021 issue of Fly Fusion

Fly Fishing Sucks

Sometimes the best way to say something difficult is just to say it. So here it goes. Fly fishing sucks.


It’s actually really hard. The visuals presented in fly-fishing films and Instagram photos are quite misleading. Sure it looks inviting, but there’s so much you don’t see…like how many mosquitoes and black flies the angler had to swat away while holding that prize trout at just the right angle, which is only slightly out of the water (like only one third of the fish). And you also have to position it at the perfect angle, with one hand holding the fish’s tail just slightly outstretched and the other arm, bending only slightly at the elbow, holding the fish’s body nearly fully extended. There’s a reason it’s called “angling.” It’s so complicated. And if you have really large hands and are naturally “big boned” then you need to really question whether or not you want to take up fly fishing at all. Trout appear smaller when held by large people, which will not make for enticing social media images.


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How to Defile a Wilderness | Jim McLennan

Ours is considered a gentle sport for the most part, and that trait is part of its attraction. Recently, more people are finding solace and clarity—and much-needed gentleness—in the outdoors and the activities there, one of which is fly fishing.


And while it’s true that fishing, called the “contemplative man’s recreation” by Isaac Walton, can indeed be gentle and thought-provoking, sometimes our contemplation needs to be sharply focused.


An example is the recent controversy and struggle to prevent construction of a huge copper and gold mine in Alaska, called Pebble Mine. The effects of the mine on the environment and the Bristol Bay watershed would have been massive. For now the project has been canceled, thanks to participation in a long, arduous fight by a great number of people and groups who value the outdoors, including fly fishers.


A similar battle has been escalating in Alberta in recent months over the threat to the future health of land and water posed by proposed expansion of open-pit coal mining. The mountains and foothills are the headwaters and domain of Alberta’s best and best-known trout streams: The Oldman River, the Crowsnest River, the Livingstone River, the Highwood River, the Ram River, plus all their critical tributaries. These mountains and foothills are the Alberta wilderness. 

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Best Ties for Summer Flies | Simple Summer Nymphs

If you haven’t already picked up a copy of the Summer issue, now is the time to do it!  This “Fly Tying Triple-Header” covers off the Pro’s top recommendations for dries, terrestrials and nymphs to use this season.  The five patterns below are Jake Vanderweyden’s (@theflyfiend) picks, complete with recipes for you tying pleasure!

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New & Noteworthy | Yeti Trailhead Chair

Let’s be honest. Does anyone truly need a $300 camp chair? No. But, as always with Yeti, the Trailhead Camp Chair is another example of the company taking a simple product, over-engineering it to the max, and coming out with something that looks great, performs very well, and will stand the test of time. Falling squarely into the “just barely related enough to fly fishing accessories for us to include it on this list,” the Trailhead is the ultimate camp chair. After a long day of walking and wading, it’s good to know you’ll have a sturdy, comfortable chair waiting for you back by the campfire.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Trailhead is just how well-built it is. This thing is solid. Featuring a lightweight crossover frame that snaps into place with color-coded tensioners and the forgiving Flexgrid fabric, the Trailhead can support up to 500-lbs., yet remains comfortable while sitting for hours at a time. With an included cup holder, and extra-strong feet, there aren’t many things Yeti didn’t think of; speaking of which, the entire chair is UV-rated, meaning it won’t break down in the sun over time.

$299.99 | yeti.com 

Miami Vise | Lucas Utrera

Lucas Utrera is a fly tyer born in Córdoba, Argentina, currently residing in Miami, USA. He started fly tying in 1996 at the early age of 12. He dabbled in commercial tying for some year, but later dedicated most of his time to tying special flies for collectors and participating in competitions. He is currently a member of the AhrexGulff and Semperfli Pro Team.

Add these 6 patterns (with materials list) to your arsenal today!

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