Echo LIFT | Rod Review by Raymond Poff

Bitterroot, Clark Fork, and Blackfoot – Hearing these Montana river names may elicit vivid memories of fishing experiences or re-ignite future dreams on a bucket list. These amazing fisheries are home to several species from the trout family, Salmonidae, such as: rainbow, Westslope cutthroat, cutbow (naturally occurring hybrid), brown, brook, bull, and the mountain whitefish (it really is part of the trout family)*. During a trip to Missoula last September, I spent four days giving the ECHO LIFT fly rod a workout on these three rivers. Here’s my take.

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One Water | Costa

Costa Films presents “One Water” — a film exploring the reality that we are all connected by water, regardless of where we live. This makes us all equally responsible for protecting the water. Costa Pros Hilary Hutcheson, Oliver White and Brandon Cyr share their unique perspectives on this shared resource and responsibility, as well as how we can all help. Start Small. Start Local. Just Start.


Spring 2022 Issue Out Now!

Bully For You | Bob Covey

Bull trout have been protected in Alberta for nearly a quarter-century. Why haven’t they recovered? And more to the point: are well-intentioned anglers to blame?

Crossing Paths, Complimentary Passions | Nick Trehearne, Trevor Carruthers

Living in the East Kootenays has helped reignite a partially-forgotten passion for fly fishing. A pair of friends, targeting bull trout and west slope cutthroat on a pristine waterway in one of Canada’s trout meccas, serves as a reminder of the power of teamwork on the water.

Chrome Zone |  Jason Harman

For a long time now, I have been on a quest. I’ve devoured books, podcasts and videos and if I found anyone with the slightest piscatorial predilection for mysterious, anadromous fish, I would strike up a conversation, hoping it would lead to sage sparks of wisdom.

Steel Union | Todd Penke

Wild steelhead need our help. If you put your time in offthe water, the next time you do manage to catch one, whether a summer steelhead aggressively taking a surface fly or a winter steelhead chasing an intruder swung deep, it will be the most satisfying angling experience you’ll ever have.

In Flight Meal | Danie Erasmus

Knowing when and where to imitate the different life stages of a western green drake isn’t always straight forward. But the western green drake is perhaps the most iconic mayfly in fly fishing. If you want to fool trout—particularly big trout—you need to appreciate this insect.


Faux Fame and Fishing| Derek Bird

Chip Shots | Jeff Wagner

Making Your Connection | Derek Olthuis

Hanging in the Balance | Brian Chan

Decoding the Chironomid | Dana Harrison

Ask the Magazine Guy | Jim McLennan

End of the Line | Howard Fischer

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Decoding the Chironomid – Bonus Patterns

If you were lucky enough to have lot of days under your wading belt last season, inevitably, supplies will be running low; it’s time to refill the fly boxes. Surely you’ll want to restock the prince nymphs and the hare’s ears. The Copper Johns and pheasant tails will probably need replenishing. And don’t deny that you left a few stimulators, Adams and elk hair caddis streamside. But what about that fly you kept hearing about last season? That tiny thing the older gentleman across the lake was landing fish after fish on? That pattern that seemed somewhat enigmatic in style and apparently limitless in variation, size and colour? That hard-to-pronounce thing that you told yourself you’d get acquainted with next season?

Make sure to check out Dana Harrison’s Decoding the Chironomid in the Spring issue and then add these two patterns to your fly box!
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The Ties That Bind

The wind whistles quietly, hinting at the onset of winter across the Blue Ridge Peaks, the sycamores reflecting over the freshwater creeks and river systems as they wrap gently through the barren hills. A  “gold mine” they say, home to the “fish of a thousand casts.” To those familiar with musky, these conditions signal the onset of the season’s most productive and rewarding pursuits when it comes to pursuing musky.

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Particles & Droplets


Particles & Droplets was a 2020 Official Selection in the International Fly Fishing Film Festival!  If you didn’t see the film on the big screen or at one of the many virtual screenings that ran throughout the year, now’s your chance to watch…and maybe WIN some swag while you’re at it!

To enter watch “Particles & Droplets” on YouTube Thursday (Feb 3) and LEAVE A COMMENT for your chance to win one of 15 prizes. The lucky 15 winners will be chosen and announced Monday (Feb 7). Film goes live Thursday 8:00 AM (Mountain Time). All comments left between Thursday and Monday will be included in the giveaway.


Mighty Waters

Simms, Costa, and the American Museum of Fly Fishing release Cold Collaborative’s Award-Winning film Showcasing the Life and Legacy of Bimini’s Ansil Saunders.

Cold Collaborative’s Mighty Waters depicts the life, legacy, and philosophy of Ansil Saunders — a man whose life-long dedication to justice and equality inspired one of the most significant civil rights leaders in history.

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