Baetis Spent Spinner

Hook: TMC 100, 16
Thread: Veevus 14/0, B14, Olive
Body: Hareline Turkey Biot Quills, Olive
Thorax: Spirit River Fine & Dry UV2, Dark Olive Baetis
Tail: Fibetts/Mayfly Tails Olive, Olive
Hackle: Whiting Dry Fly Cape, Medium Dun

Tied by Torbjorn Tiltnes @torbjorn.tiltnes

Northern Lights Lodge Hosted Trips with Jim & Lynda McLennan

Join Jim and Lynda for four days of guided fishing from Northern Lights lodge on Quesnel Lake, B.C.
In July you’ll fish the Quesnel and Horsefly Rivers. In September you’ll fish the Horsefly and Mitchell Rivers. The fish are native rainbow and bull trout.
Upcoming Dates:
July 11 – 16, 2019
September 18 – 23, 2019

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2019 Editor’s Choice Products

Looking for the perfect gift for Dad this Father’s Day? Here’s a recap on the list of new and noteworthy products we awarded with the distinction of Fly Fusion Editor’s Choice in 2019….

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Bruce’s Houdini Fly

Written and tied by Justin Bruce (@justinbruceflies)

I fish for fun. If we are fortunate, we might experience a rare moment, a “spot in time” as the poet, Wordsworth calls it, outside where we want to pause the clock and just sit in that moment. For me, such moments have resonated more and more on the water. An afternoon on the river seems to create a better version of myself because I drive home and open the door a more focused and intentional husband and father.

This past year, I’ve become obsessed with tying and testing my creations. Since I usually have multiple flies in my “I wonder if they work” box, I have a huge incentive to invite my friends to join me in the ripples to do a little “research.”  When I get the chance to take a first timer with me, he will almost always say “there’s too much to consider” or declare that he’s overwhelmed with “too many options.” Fly fishing certainly opens up a rabbit hole. The decision of what to toss and how to fish can seem endless. But in all honesty, for me, finding the right fit is only as complicated as we want to make it. Read More

RIO Amateur Fly Fishing Film Awards Deadline

RIO’s Amateur Fly Fishing Film Awards is an opportunity for amateur fly fishing film makers to showcase the sport.  Simply enter your short story, documentary or any other creative clip you have captured to participate.


June is the last month that RIO will be accepting entries tho the Film Awards, so get your your camera, hit the water, shoot your video and upload it here.


You could win an all-expenses paid trip to Idaho Falls to fish with the RIO team, plus RIO gear, $500 cold, hard cash AND your film featured in the 2020 International Fly Fishing Film Festival.


Martian Invasion | Peter Stitcher

Peter Stitcher | Ascent Fly Fishing |

Trout need to see your flies if they are going to eat them.  This can be a challenge with traditional fly patterns when the sun starts to sink but the bite remains hot and trout look to continue to feed throughout the night.  The Martian series of flies were hatched to help the angler hack the science of trout vision and land more and bigger fish all throughout the night.  As the sun recedes into the west each evening, so do the cone receptors within the eyes of trout that are responsible for interpreting light as different colors.  The result is that your favorite red, green, and blue fly patterns all fade to black and blend into the dark backdrop of the river.  Trout feeding at night, therefore, key into the intensity of light and contrast created by mixing light and dark colored materials in our patterns. Designed by Aquatic Biologist and Ascent Fly Fishing owner Peter Stitcher, the Martian series of flies were created to exploit the night vision of trout and inevitably draw them through the river to eat our flies.  Like a UFO parked over a Kentucky trailer park, the glow in the dark materials used in these patterns will beam unsuspecting trout out of the river and into your landing net.  So, the next time you head to your favorite fishing hole at night, put in your earbuds, turn up Thomas Dolby’s “She Blinded Me With Science” and embrace the Martian invasion!

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Fortress Lake Wilderness Retreat  

The only good thing about the end of a stay at Fortress Lake Wilderness Retreat is knowing you’ll experience the soul-stirring flight through the Rocky Mountains again, this time in the other direction. Otherwise you’ll wish you could stay just one more day – okay, maybe 2 or 3 more- sleeping beneath 10,000-ft. Chisel Peak, and drinking in all you can of the exquisite wilderness setting and the best fly fishing for big brook trout west of Labrador.

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