Our Team


Executive Publisher

Jennifer Bird is the heart of the Fly Fusion franchise and the driving spirit behind the magazine. She has worked with Fly Fusion since its inception and has played an integral role in establishing the magazine’s unique vision. Along with overseeing all staff and facets of production for the magazine, she also oversees planning for the International Fly Fishing Film Festival, which includes over 100 dates around the globe. She does all of this between 9am and 3pm weekly. Before and after you can find her anywhere where her boys are, which in the summer and fall months is deep in the backcountry.



Derek Bird is the Founding Editor of Fly Fusion Magazine. He’s worked with Fly Fusion since its inception and played an integral role in establishing the magazine’s unique vision. On a practical level, he writes the “Stream Lines” column for each issue and oversees acquisition of editorial content. Along with writing and editing, he also cohosts the popular Fly Fusion Series, and is the Producer responsible for content acquisition for the International Fly Fishing Film Festival. Although he juggles a hectic schedule, he still finds time to do what he enjoys more than anything else in life: spending time with his wife and two sons exploring the secluded streams nestled within British Columbia’s Rocky Mountains.


Associate Editor

A long-time fly fisher and outdoor writer, Jim McLennan was one of the first fly-fishing guides on Alberta’s legendary Bow River.  Today he and his wife Lynda operate McLennan Fly Fishing, a business dedicated to fly-fishing instruction. Jim is the author of four books about fly fishing, the the Managing Editor for Fly Fusion and has written for the magazine since its inception. Along with the fly-fishing arts, Jim’s other passions are hunting upland birds and playing music.  His first solo music CD, Six-String Gumbo, was released in 2011 and was nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award.


Associate Editor

Journalist, editor and photographer Bob Covey grew up near the tannic tributaries of the Red Deer River, but it wasn’t until he moved to the Rockies that he picked up a fly rod. Of course he was never the same. When he’s not stepping on lego or white-knuckling deadlines for the independent newspaper he founded in 2013, he’s dowsing for trout and dreaming of powder days in Jasper National Park.


Field Editor

Jeff is a Master Certified Fly Casting Instructor, avid fly fisherman, and former Director and Casting Board Member of Fly Fishers international. Jeff is the Director of Sales Strategy and Analytics for Steamboat Springs-based SmartWool, has previously served as General Manager of R. L. Winston fly rods and Bauer fly reels, as an analyst with Cabela’s and as the Native Fisheries Restoration Project Manager at the National Park Service.  Jeff has pursued a Masters of Business Administration and completed a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Colorado State University.His passion for fly-fishing is unmistakable. His competitive achievements include top rankings in the Orvis Cup, Teva Mountain Games, Best of the West Distance Casting Competitions, North American Fly Fishing Classic, and others.
When he’s not fishing or casting you’ll find Jeff hiking or biking the back country with his family.  They also volunteer their time to conservation efforts with groups such as @flyfishersinternational.


Field Editor

Derek Olthuis recently joined the Fly Fusion team as the travel and destination field editor. As a fly-fishing photographer, cinematographer, and writer who’s always seeking to inspire audiences with huge fish in untouched and remote landscapes, Olthuis brings a wealth of experience to the position. He was born in Calgary, Alberta and raised in Bigfork, Montana, where he learned to fly fish on the small streams and backcountry lakes around the Glacier area. As a kid he was constantly searching out new water and willing cutthroat off the beaten path of the West’s renowned rivers. This desire has expanded over the years to seek out exotic locations and remote fisheries around the globe. Coupled with his desire to explore the world’s fishing opportunities, Derek finds joy in capturing and sharing his experiences with others to help fuel their own fishing passion.


Field Editor

Brian Chan is a respected stillwater guru who’s lifelong passion for fly fishing has resulted in his spending literally thousands of angling days on world class stillwaters. He has shared his extensive knowledge of aquatic biology, trout ecology, entomology, and lake fly-fishing tactics with others through a number of magazine articles, books, and instructional DVDs on fly fishing. Brian has been featured on numerous television shows and is a much sought after presenter throughout North America. Brian enjoys introducing new fly fishers to this sport, getting them “hooked” on his lifelong passion, as much as he enjoys helping to refine the skills of even the most advanced stillwater anglers.


Field Editor

Dana feels that he is not just a fly fisher and tier, but a steward for the streams and lakes we enjoy.  He is passionate for positive change in our industry, with a focus on preserving our environment for future generations.


Director of Photography

Gilbert Rowley is a professional filmmaker in the fly-fishing industry. He believes that his passion and knowledge of the sport help his films portray fly fishing in a way that numerous generations of fly anglers can connect to. Some of his recent accomplishments in film production include multiple IF4 film selections, and the recent instructional films Modern Nymphing and Modern Nymphing Elevated. Outside of filmmaking Gilbert received bachelor’s degree in Fisheries and Aquatic Science from Utah State University, and he spends his time as a fly-fishing guide on Utah’s Provo River. He is also a fly designer for Rainy’s Flies, and most importantly Gilbert is a husband and father.