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Seeing the Northern Light | Fred Campbell

The moment I set foot on Thaidene Nëné, I realized a great vision, one which still affects me. Last year, on the northern edge of the boreal forest, I entered the dreamscape of a protected place, one managed and inhabited by Indigenous People who have always lived there. A pure place, a place that connects us to the essential.

A Dog’s Life | Tim Myers

Sitting on the sandy riverbank behind my camera, I heard someone walking behind me, approaching the pool. As I turned around, I was surprised to see a pup with a rock in her mouth. I gathered that I was supposed to throw the rock. I obliged, not realizing I was entering into an agreement to play fetch—all day long, from one end of The Dollar Pool to the other.

 But Who’s Counting? | Bob Covey

Former state trooper Joe Krzykwa has a thing for numbers. Not numbers of fish netted in a day, or in a season—and certainly not the number of inches a particular fish measures. For Krzykwa, it’s the number of different species of fish caught, on his own flies, over a lifetime, that holds the most allure.

 Get Jacked | Tim Harden

You gain a little, you lose a little, you gain a little more until…the fish is finally at the boat. The quarry is long, broad, and thrashing. It pounds the water’s surface with its giant tail, covering you and your boatmate with sprays of salt. So, what kind of fish gave you this experience? What if I told you this fish was a jack?

Profiles | John F. Turner

A lifelong river guide, dude rancher, wildlife biologist and conservative conservationist, Turner was appointed as Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service by President George H.W. Bush in 1989.

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