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There’s No Cruel Summer in Fly Fishing | George Daniel

Depending on the geography of where you fish, the term “summer season” will have a different meaning. But, regardless of where you live, summer can be the best weather and angling opportunities of the year. George Daniel shares his favorite summertime fly-fishing tips for trout and covers some non-trout species you can target to avoid the crowds.

A Rugged Trip of Dreams | Juliette Larocque

Join adventure-photographer Juliette Larocque on a breathtaking expedition. In the heart of the Muskwa-Kechika wilderness she captures the spirit of fly fishing and the raw beauty of the surrounding landscape. Inspiring encounters, abundant wildlife, and untamed nature shape her journey, which celebrates adventure at its finest.


The Evolution of Jig Hooks | Jeremy Davies

Fly tying has been in a constant state of innovation for decades. The flies covered in this article by tying mastermind, Jeremy Davis, are a part of that process. Over the past few years, he has been tying more of his favourite patterns on jig hooks, which has proven effective on the water. They make an excellent dropper when fished under a foam attractor and they can be very effective in small to medium creeks or rivers.


A Stillwater Primer | Phil Rowley

Fly fishing for trout is skewed towards moving water, so much so that we often don’t consider the challenges, rewards, and charms that stillwaters offer. Phil Rowley covers the numerous reasons why anglers should give lakes a try and offers helpful hints and strategies for finding fish in lakes.

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