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GET PRIMED | Landon Mayer 

Preparing for proper presentation means preparing for the day—determining what an angler might encounter in terms of water, fish and the environment. By getting primed, as Colorado fly fishing guide Landon Mayer calls his planning process, we can prepare for success. 


Atlantic salmon can test the limits of the most unflappable anglers. Throw in 80mm of rain in 24 hours, a camp on the verge of flood, and the pressure of getting “the shot,” and patience can turn to painstaking. But if it was easy, everyone would do it. 

TRASH OR TREASURE? | Douglas Paton 

Whitefish too-often get the snub from anglers who want trout, not “trash” fish. But one angler’s trash is another angler’s treasure, and Okanagan-based fly fisherman Douglas Paton has discovered that there are plenty of gems to mine in the Rockies, particularly in winter. 

2023 GEAR GUIDE | Fly Fusion Editorial Staff 

Our team had the chance to test a pile of gear from a variety of hard-working, innovative companies which specialize in fly fishing; the least we could do was put it through the rigours. After a season of wading, walking, casting and cursing, we present our annual Time Tested Reviews feature. 

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