The Humpy | Dana Harrison

The Humpy, an absolute true classic when it comes to dry flies and yet it strikes fear into our hearts when we think about tying it. The original method of tying the Humpy was unforgiving, as the same portion of Elk hair was used for both the hump and the wings. If you were off, even by a small amount, the proportion would be out of whack and you were left with another fly to give to a friend. I personally still tie it this way as I think it looks cleaner in the end, but I cut away some of the Elk hair for the hump. I find I want a lot of hair for the big wings, but then the hump ends up being too large.

There are other ways to tie this pattern as well which can be seen in the photo. The wings are actually Mallard flank and not Elk hair at all. This can be a great way to get some nicely coloured split wings while not having to battle the Elk hair. The hump and tail still remain true to the original though.

The Humpy should not be overlooked as it is one of the great Trout flies that exist today. The fly may not be as popular as some of the fancy patterns springing up these days and it certainly isn’t matching any hatches. All in all, it does have fish catching power and that is something some flies will never have.

Recipe: Humpy

Hook: TMC 100SP-BL

Thread: UTC 70

Tail: Nature’s Spirit Select Cow Elk

Body: Floss

Hump: Nature’s Spirit Select Cow Elk

Wings: Mallard Flank

Hackle: Whiting Farms Furnace Brown

Svend Diesel Bonus Flies

Erik Svendsen started tying flies a few years ago and has enjoyed it so much it’s become a lifelong hobby. As a stress relief from his day job, he loves to try new patterns, materials, and techniques. He is a busy father of three young children and owns his own company; he tries to fish every chance he gets but usually finds himself at the vise almost every night. He is known for his fun approach to fly tying on social media and loves to teach people any chance he can get. @svenddiesel

Check out all of Svend Diesel’s Fall patterns, as seen in the Fall 2020 issue of Fly Fusion…

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Fusion Weevil

A highly-effective and custom nymph pattern developed by Jeremy Davies for Fly Fusion subscribers. Order yours today HERE!

Hook: Scud Hook sz 10-18

Thread: 8/0 Uni-Thread Black

Head: Black bead

Body: Ice Dub Fl Yellow

Thorax: Arizona Dubbing black

Shellback: Uni-Mylar Pearl

Legs: Black goose biots

Tail: Black schlappen fibres

Rib: Black wire


The Evil Weevil

Every year, resident Fly Fusion tying innovator, Jeremy Davies, creates five or ten new fly patterns that he test on several of his favourite waters throughout the year. Some yield amazing success which prompts the tying and perfecting of several dozen to load his fly boxes. Jeremy recently narrowed down his top flies to 50 go-to patterns which he swears by. Up first is his immensely popular signature pattern, The Evil Weevil!

Hook: Scud Hook sz 10-18

Thread: Olive or black Uni-Thread 8/0

Bead: Gold reg or tungsten

Body: Arizona Dubbing Light Peacock

Thorax: Arizona Dubbing Natural Peacock

Wingcase: Uni-Mylar Pearl

Tail: Female Ringneck pheasant Fibers

Legs: Brown goose biots

Rib: Fine Gold wire

Check out the full 50 flies in the in the Fall 22 and Spring 23 issues of Fly Fusion Magazine!

What’s New in the Tying Game?

If you’re like me, you spend an unhealthy amount of time looking at fly fishing gear. Though you may not need that new seal disc drag fly reel or the matching blue backing, you still look, nonetheless. Those of us who tie tend to fall into the same routine, clicking that “What’s New” category in fly tying, to see the latest and greatest in the fly tying world. We do this knowing we probably won’t deviate far from the pheasant tails, hares ears, caddis, and simulators that overflow our boxes. Yet, these days, it seems like there are new products to be excited about; and unlike rods, reels, waders, and boots, fly tying materials often don’t break the bank.

In the Spring 2021 issue, Dana Harrison reviewed some newly released fly tying products to see if they live up to the hype.  Following are a few patterns he tied up in the process.

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Featured Fly Tyers | Agnieszka & Arek Kubale

Featured in the Winter issue of Fly Fusion, married couple Agnieszka and Arek Kubale own and operate Tuhola, a fly-tying company that supplies anglers across Europe with a wide range of fliesfrom trout and grayling patterns to saltwater offerings. Agnieszka is renown for her UV resin flies and clean tying technique. Arek is a fly-fishing photographer and journalist and has published his work in various fishing magazines. They share their time between houses in Poland and Sweden: one on theBaltic coast in the small fishing village of Junoszyno, Poland. Second located at the salmon river Torne, far in subarctic region of Sweden.

Grab a copy of the current issue to check out their Waddle Shrimp, Bead Eye Chillimps, Black Head Sandeel and Mirage Minnow!  In the meantime, enjoy these BONUS patterns.

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Magic May Mayfly | Peter Butler


Moose mane tail
Red Polish Quill body with Gulff Thinman UV resin
Whitlocks SLF sowbug tan dubbing ball to help the wings stand up
Mandarin Duck wings
Pearl Semperfli Semperflash
Dubbing loop with Whiting’s gray Brahma hen and wood duck dyed CDC
Semperfli 12/0 brown nano silk
Partridge size 12 Ideal Dry Fly Hook
Tied on a Renzetti Master Vise

Cascade Muddler Variant | Félix Lamoureux

Hook: Size 7 2051 Daiichi hook (Spey hook) Thread: Black Uni-Thread 8/0 Tail: Orange and yellow bucktail w/ a few strands of yellow Krystal flash Tag & Rib: Small silver oval tinsel Body: First half: Large silver holographic tinsel; Second half: Black Floss Throat: Brown wet-fly hackle. Wing: Black arctic fox over a few strands of black Krystal flash Hackle: Yellow hen hackle under spun orange deer body

Trout System Highlight | Simi Minnow

Hook: 3x long Streamer hook sz 4-12

Thread: Ted or black Uni-Thread 8/0

Bead: Silver or Black Nickel

Body: Silver Holographic tinsel, a few wraps of lead

Thorax: Simi Seal Dubbing grey/silver

Tail: Flourescent White marabou, krystal Flash

The Simi Minnow is one of 6 patterns recommended by Jeremy Davies for his “patented” Trout System.  Check out the full article in the Winter 2021/22 issue of Fly Fusion Magazine!