The Evil Weevil

Every year, resident Fly Fusion tying innovator, Jeremy Davies, creates five or ten new fly patterns that he test on several of his favourite waters throughout the year. Some yield amazing success which prompts the tying and perfecting of several dozen to load his fly boxes. Jeremy recently narrowed down his top flies to 50 go-to patterns which he swears by. Up first is his immensely popular signature pattern, The Evil Weevil!

Hook: Scud Hook sz 10-18

Thread: Olive or black Uni-Thread 8/0

Bead: Gold reg or tungsten

Body: Arizona Dubbing Light Peacock

Thorax: Arizona Dubbing Natural Peacock

Wingcase: Uni-Mylar Pearl

Tail: Female Ringneck pheasant Fibers

Legs: Brown goose biots

Rib: Fine Gold wire

Check out the full 50 flies in the in the Fall 22 and Spring 23 issues of Fly Fusion Magazine!