Episode Overviews

Episode One: Familiar Flow

Every great journey begins with the familiar. And I love my home rivers in British Columbia so much that I rarely want to leave. But I know I have to travel so I can grow in my knowledge as a fly angler. There is something about new places and new faces that invite me to learn new techniques. So this season, I’m taking Fly Fusion magazine on the road where I’m going to learn from the best of the best in the heart of one of the West’s premiere fly-fishing destinations. But before I get on a plane, I have to take one more trip to the place that I never want to leave. Today, I’m fishing my very favorite stretch of my very favorite river. 

Episode Two: Skiffs & Stones

There is a universal commonality among fly anglers – always keep searching. It’s this curious need to see what else is out there that has always drawn me to other fisheries. It’s why, with great enthusiasm, we’re heading to Wyoming to explore the mighty snake river. Before diving into this prolific and extensive fishery, I felt it was important to understand the history of the place and try to learn from people who have put their time in on the water. I felt honored to fish my first day on the river with one of Jackson’s most recognizable faces, Paul Bruun. He’s a writer, guide and one of the inventors of the south fork skiff.

Episode Three: Browns in Yellowstone

Today we’re headed to another stretch of water in an iconic part of Wyoming to fish in Yellowstone National Park. I’m  joined by guide and angler Paula Shearer and writer, Editor and angler, Kirk Deeter as we explore an unnamed stream in a famed section of the park. 

Episode Four: Tetons & Yellowbellies

This episode, we’re just outside of Jackson, Wyoming on a special stretch of the great Snake River that runs through Grand Teton National Park. The principal fish we’re looking for is the Cutthroat trout. On paper, a fish is a fish, a river is a river and a mountain is a mountain. So then, what’s the point of traveling all this way? Maybe somewhere in this journey is the answer to what makes fishing more than just about the act of catching a fish. Taking time in pristine natural places fills a person’s soul and reminds us of what we can all work hard to protect. To better understand these iconic, wild, natural treasures and to continue to learn more about conservation, the history of the area, and what makes this region special, today we’re visiting with a true icon of the region in hopes to learn more about what it takes to preserve a great natural place. I can’t think of anyone better suited, and more interesting to spend the day with, than John Turner, former Director of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, and his son Mark.

Episode Five: Old Friends & New Waters

In my time as Editor and writer I feel fortunate to have fished with so many amazing anglers. I feel very privileged to fish in many memorable watersheds for a variety of species, but year after year it is the friendships and bonds with people that have given me the most joy. One such person I enjoy fishing with is Jeff Wagner, Fly Fusion magazine’s casting Editor. Jeff is the best caster I know and there is always lots that I can learn from him. This episode we are exploring a stunning section of the Green river. Join us as we attempt to find fish and crack the code on this remote river.

Episode Six: South Fork Float

Looking back on our adventures in the American West this season, mother nature has thrown us just about every possible weather scenario. But, time after time, we’ve adjusted to the conditions and persevered. In this episode, we’re headed on an overnight journey down the Southfork of the Snake River. I’ll spend the first day in the boat with iconic angler, writer and Editor of Trout Magazine, Kirk Deeter. This guy is a gem, a genuine individual and he’s down to earth. I truly appreciated his relaxed approach to fly fishing. On our final day I got to fish with legendary angler, Mike Dawes, who has been fishing this stretch of river for twenty-two years. He’s one of the most humble anglers I’ve ever met. It was nice to spend a day on the water and learn a few new streamer fly-fishing tricks from this master fly angler.