Jim McLennan Talks Streamers (Part 2)

In this Fly Fusion Magazine podcast, Jim McLennan and Derek Bird continue their discussion about streamer fishing. This is part two of a two part podcast (click here if you missed part one) and in today’s instalment they talk about cutting down on leader length, how to adjust the casting stroke for heavy flies, and Jim’s aversion to rabbit strip streamers.


Jim McLennan Talks Streamer Fishing

In this Fly Fusion Magazine podcast, Jim McLennan and Derek Bird talk about a variety of streamer techniques. This is part one of a two part podcast and in today’s instalment they cover fishing streamers from a drift boat, swinging streamers and dead drifting streamers. Visit us again tomorrow for part two when Jim and Derek finish up their conversation by discussing how to adjust the casting stroke for heavy flies and Jim’s aversion to rabbit strip streamers.

Image: Paula Shearer



So fly podcast

The So Fly Crew sat with author and Fly Fusion Founding Editor, Derek Bird to discuss his fly fishing life, and his recent book “Last Summer on the Sage”.

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So Fly is a fly fishing podcast based out of Toronto, ON whose goal is to connect the Ontario fly fishing community more with each episode – available on the 1st and 15th of each month!  With 126 episodes in the bag, you’ll find hours of interviews to keep your fishy itch scratched.  Take a peek HERE

The Guys Who Are Living Your Dream: In-Tents Media

Fly Fusion caught up with Cortney Boice, Spencer Higa, Derek Olthuis, and Phil Tuttle of In-Tents Media to discuss the award-winning fly-fishing films, growing iconic beards, and catching prehistoric browns. Check out the interview by clicking on the image.

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Winston GM Talks New Rods

In this 20-minute podcast, Derek Bird catches up with R.L Winston Rod Co. general manager, Jeff Wagner, to chat about the company’s new rods that are set to hit the market this summer. Wagner provides a behind the scenes look at the care and attention that goes into the creation of each Winston rod, and then he discusses the type of action an angler can expect while casting the Kairos and the Nimbus.

The two also get a little sidetracked and chat about carp fishing and even confess to the use of the Squirmy Wormy during disparate times. Click through below to listen to the interview.

Todd Moen Talks About Living the Dream and Hanging Out Chopper Doors

In this weeks interview segment Fly Fusion editor, Derek Bird, catches up with renowned filmmaker Todd Moen of TM Creative and Catch Magazine. The two discuss the more challenging aspects of working at a dream job, and Moen reveals what three species of fish are consistently the most uncooperative when it comes to filming.

During the 11-minute interview they also take time to discuss Pure New Zealand, a film that features jaw-dropping mountainous landscapes and enormous brown trout feeding methodically off the surface.  Pure New Zealand is an official selection of this year’s International Fly Fishing Film Festival. (view trailer)

Derek Olthuis Talks Ice Age Browns and Iceland’s Landscape

In this week’s interview, Fly Fusion editor Derek Bird catches up with filmmaker Derek Olthuis of Western Waters Media to chat with him about The Hidden (click here), a film currently running in this year’s International Fly Fishing Film Festival. Olthuis talks about the challenges of  travelling to Iceland to catch Ice Age brown trout. In this 12 minute interview he also reveals which member of the Western Waters Media group consistently catches the most fish.