Gilbert Rowley Talks About the Challenges of Filming Hundred Pound Tarpon

In this week’s interview, Fly Fusion editor Derek Bird catches up with Utah based filmmaker Gilbert Rowley to chat with him about Jungle’s Edge, a film currently running in this year’s International Fly Fishing Film Festival. Gilbert talks about some of the challenges he faced while out filming hundred pound tarpon in Costa Rica. click here

Gilbert also discusses another film project he released this year, Modern Nymphing. In this instructional video he teams up with a couple Fly Fishing Team USA members as they present  over an hour’s worth of nymphing secrets. click here

AD Maddox Talks Fly Fishing Art and Tattoos

In this week’s interview segment, Derek Bird chats with one of fly-fishing’s most recognizable artists, AD Maddox. Her art has appeared in over 30 different publications, on Patagonia t-shirts, on Montana Fly Company fly boxes, and on fly anglers’ den walls worldwide.

In this 15 minute podcast, Maddox discusses maturing as a fly-fishing artist and also reveals her surprising thoughts about tattoos.

Marc Crapo Talks About His Latest Film, the Origins of His Beard, and the Flavour of Stoneflies

Marc Crapo is a filmmaker, an IF4 ambassador, and an Internet sensation. This week Fly Fusion’s editor Derek Bird caught up with Marc to chat about his newest film, The Legend of Neckbeard, which is a  2017 International Fly Fishing Film Festival official selectionclick to check out the trailer

Marc also talks about the origins of his own beard, his run-ins with the law, and the taste difference between male and female stoneflies.

© Photo credit: Ulf Börjesson

Ross Purnell Talks about a Recent Film Project and Failed Floatplane Trips

Fly Fisherman Magazine editor, Ross Purnell, spent a few days last summer up in British Columbia’s Cariboo region working on a film project with Derek Bird of Fly Fusion Magazine. The project was unique in that it brought together the editors from two of North America’s largest fly-fishing publications onto one river. The film, Surface, can be viewed exclusively at the International Fly Fishing Film Festival. view trailer here

In this week’s interview segment, Bird catches up with Purnell and asks him about his best fly-fishing characteristic and about the one that got away.   Oddly enough, Purnell also shares how to successfully instill a fear of flying into your angling partners.

Jim McLennan Talks Fly Fusion TV and Downing Drones

In this podcast Fly Fusion editor, Derek Bird, catches up with Fly Fusion TV co-host, Jim McLennan, to chat about what it’s like behind the scenes. He discusses his best memories, his favourite rivers and his most enjoyable moments while out filming the TV series.

Though McLennan is one of the most proficient casters around, he confesses to the destructive results of one particularly wayward cast.

Tom Rosenbauer Talks About His New Book and His Less Obvious Obsession

Fly Fusion Magazine’s founding editor, Derek Bird, had the chance to catch up with Orvis fly-fishing guru and author, Tom Rosenbauer, to chat with him about his new book and some of his other hidden talents.  Rosenbauer’s book, Fly Fishing for Trout: The Next Level is a multi-media style book loaded with information, photos and video links.

“This is a really pertinent book. The difference between a successful day on the water and its opposite is often directly tied to an angler’s knowledge. Tom’s new book is filled with information sure to add to any trout angler’s gear bag of tricks,” Bird said.

You can eavesdrop on a recent phone conversation between the two of them by clicking on the link below.