Svend Diesel Bonus Flies

Erik Svendsen started tying flies a few years ago and has enjoyed it so much it’s become a lifelong hobby. As a stress relief from his day job, he loves to try new patterns, materials, and techniques. He is a busy father of three young children and owns his own company; he tries to fish every chance he gets but usually finds himself at the vise almost every night. He is known for his fun approach to fly tying on social media and loves to teach people any chance he can get. @svenddiesel

Check out all of Svend Diesel’s Fall patterns, as seen in the Fall 2020 issue of Fly Fusion…

Skirted Creeper

Hook: Ahrex hooks TP650 size 2/0

Thread: Semperfli nano silk 6/0

Tail: Fish Hunter brown Marabou

Body: FNF creeper brown

Eyes: Medium lead eyes

Legs: Senyo’s Fusion Foil legs

Resin and Glue: Z-ment and Solarez Bone dry

Captain America

Hook: Stealth N Series, size 3

Thread: Semperfli waxed thread 8/0 red

Flash: Krystal flash red

Tail: Whiting Farms Superbou

Hackle: Whiting Bugger pack black

Wire: Semperfli .2mm gold

Body: Midnight chenille

Bead: Brass 7/32” gold

Straggle Caddis

Hook: Stealth hook D series, size 14

Thread: Semperfli Nano Silk, 12/0

Body: Semperfli Straggle String

Underwing: CDC

Wing: Nature’s Spirit select cow elk

Resin: Solarez Bone Dry

Svends Cray Cray

Hook: Ahrexhooks TP650

26 degree hook, size 2/0

Thread: Semperfli waxed thread, 8/0

Hackle: Whiting Farms American

hackle rooster, orange grizzly

Large Antenna: Grizzly legs

Antennule/Legs: Voodoo fibers

Claws/Body: Rabbit strips

Shell/Tail fin: Tab rubber legs

Ribbing of Abdomen: 20-30lb. mono

Shell: Semperfli no-tack UV resin

Sexy Svend

Hook: Ahrex TP610 2/0 and size 4 trailer hook

Thread: Semperfli waxed thread, 6/0

Shank: 20mm

Wire: Spyderwire braided line with plastic beads

Glue: Wapsi Z-ment

Marabou: Fish Hunter Marabou in olive and white UV

Body/Head: Arizona simi seal and

Snake River Fly Krinklezon

Eyes: Large pupil eyes

Head Finish: Raidzap flex resin

Guinea Popper

Hook: Ahrex hook PR350, size 2/0

Thread: Semperfli waxed thread 8/0

Flash: Gold Flashabou

Tail/Body: Whiting Farms

American hackle black

Body: Fishhunter Marabou, black

Collar: Whiting Farms guinea fowl

Head: Custom-painted Howitzer

head with dragon eyes and finished

with Raidzap flex resin