Drag Free Queen Jig

For many years I mostly just used a gold bead when tying my nymph patterns, in recent years many other colors of beads became available. I have become convinced that rainbow beads seem to attract trout better than most other bead colors. There are times when I can swear that trout are becoming used to seeing nymphs in gold, copper, black and rainbow is novel and unexpected. This may seem very unscientific, but on streams with high fishing pressure where trout are caught and released several times they might learn to key in on certain fly patterns or even colors of beads. This past September I had great success fishing this about two feet under a Fat Albert on two different rivers in Southern Alberta.

This exotic jig is actually quite simple to tie and you are wrapping the body with the peacock side of Uni-Mylar Peacock orange. Hareline produces two shades of rainbow dubbing- light and dark. I prefer the dark shade as it is more colourful than its light counter part. As for the the rib you can realistically choose any colour of wire as rainbow is composed of several different colors. I tend to use red most of time and occasionally copper. There is a lot of debate as to the size of the bead one might use when tying jig nymphs. I mostly fish this pattern in sizes 14 and 16 and use a 3.3 mm and 3.0 mm slotted bead respectively.

Hook: Ahrex 540  sz 12-16 60 degree jig hook

Thread: Uni-Thread 8/0 or 6/0 black

Bead: Rainbow slotted bead

Body: Uni-Mylar peacock/Orange- Peacock side

Thorax: Rainbow scud dubbing Dark Shade

Legs: Rainbow colored krystal flash

Rib: Red or copper fine wire

Tail: Rainbow colored Krystal flash