2022 Stimmies Award Winner – Native Waters

Congratulations to Sergio Calero & Antii Lamin for winning Fly Fusion’s third annual Stimmies Film Awards!! Their film “Native Waters” was chosen by anglers across North America as the winner and we are super stoked for Sergio and Antii. Check out the full film below and thanks to all participants and finalists for their outstanding work in the field of fly-fishing film!

Native Waters | Stimmies Top-10 Finalist

Journey to the Andes with a group of friends trying to catch the spirt of a soul lost to the river.  Visit IF4 Online today to watch Native Waters, a Stimmies Awards Top-10 finalist and vote for your top film today!

The Passion

The Passion is a true ongoing story about transferring a very deep Flyfishing legacy from a Father to his son. Don’t miss this true-life handing down of a passion and a legacy. Make sure to VOTE for your top film in the Stimmies Awards. You are helping an up-and-coming filmmaker win a ton of loot and a spot in the 2022 International Fly Fishing Film Festival. Winner will be announced October 8.

What Remains

Two university students travel to the Sierra Nevada’s of California to fly fish and document the progression and regression of the native Golden Trout and Lahontan Cutthroat Trout. What Remains, is a finalist in the 2021 Stimmies Film Awards. Angler’s Choice vote is now open. Vote your top film today!


The Greater Miami Area borders the vast wilderness of the Florida Everglades. The Fish know no boundaries, as the lines blur where the sawgrass meets the pavement. Eric Estrada’s film GladesDays has been selected as a Stimmies Awards finalist – watch and vote today [HERE]!

River Talks to Me

Ayato Otsubo tells the story of mastering the art of fishing to become an accomplished guide…with the help of an unassuming mentor. The film, River Talks to Me, is a Stimmes Awards finalist. Vote your favourite today! Winner will be announced October 8!

A Journey Upstream

This is the story of two seemingly unrelated fish that help us understand the connectivity within our environment and the importance of a healthy Chesapeake Bay watershed.
The Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the country, and Maryland’s crowned jewel. From striped bass in the main stem of the Bay, to brook trout in the far reaches of the watershed, Maryland has a lot to offer. My brother and I are young anglers and we feel a responsibility to fight for the health of these places because the future of these resources are in our hands. After spending time in these places we’ve found that the more time we spend in them, the more we know about them, and the more we know about them, the more we’re willing to fight for them.

Watch all Top-12 films and VOTE for your top pick for the Stimmie Awards today!

The Day I Disremembered

This is a story of Chris Hanson’s unique past and present and how he refocused his life with a new found passion on the river. The Day I Disremembered is a tale that must be watched to be believed. Don’t miss the chance to watch all the Stimmies Awards Top-12 picks. Watch and vote now!