In honour of International Women’s Day, we are pleased to share a film produced a few years back when we teamed up with Faceless Fly Fishing Media….
An inspirational fly-fishing film about an adventerous couple pursuing their passion, which leads them on a memorable adventure under a smoke soaked skyline in search of the perfect image of oversized dry-fly sipping rainbows. For those who’ve never had a trout rise to a dry, a fish might just be a cold-blooded creature with fins and spots, but to you and I they’re the objects of our memories, of our pictures, of our attention. They’re why, as we leave the river, we’re already dreaming about the next trip.
For anyone who hasn’t gotten to know this couple through their breathtaking images, this is a great way to catch up. Enjoy!
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The Winter Collection | Rainbow Buffet

Fly fishing lakes is a great way to catch some of your biggest fish each season.  Phil & Gilbert were fortunate to meet up with good friends, Jace Adams and Shaye Jackson who showed them a special gem of a lake in Southern Utah. Southern Utah is known for it’s red rocks and desert, but there just happens to be some rainbows down there that should also be calling for attention.

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The Winter Collection | Belize Buffet

Belize reveals it’s amazing tarpon and permit fishery!

Phil and Gilbert had one of the most outstanding saltwater fly fishing adventures with El Pescador Lodge based in Belize. Each day they target tarpon, and each day they jump and land multiples. Presented with many shots at feeding permit each day, and a handful of other flats species – this fishery did not disappoint!

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The Winter Collection | Chrome Buffet

Winter steelhead are super large, aggressive fish that are truly in a class of their own! They can reach lengths over 40 inches, and some of these fish are in the 20 lbs range. The rain forest of the Olympic Peninsula is home to many rivers that feed right into the ocean. When these winter fish leave the salt and return to freshwater they are in their prime. Pure muscle that is chromed out in all it’s glory!

Phil and Gilbert have been chasing steelhead for nearly a decade. However, neither had experienced fresh chrome fish within a few miles of the ocean. This is a different ballgame! With the help of Captain Keith Allison of Chrome Chasers, they were blessed to find some winter steel that only dreams are made of!

Aldo Leopold discussed three ways to improve one’s enjoyment of the wild. First is to explore new areas, and second is to spend more time immersed in nature. The third is to learn more about the environment you’re exploring. As an angler, you may already have intimate knowledge with the power and majesty of fresh-from-the-salt-steelhead. It’s hard to beat the visceral interaction. But learning more about the species can only increase your appreciation of them.
There are great organizations already out there doing work today to protect wild steelhead. Reach out to them and find out how you can help.
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The Winter Collection | Bully Buffet

Hands down one of the most magical fly fishing excursions! Bull trout are some of the most amazing predators on this planet. Their voraciousness and willingness to eat giant streamers puts them in an elite group of freshwater predators.

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The Winter Collection | Baja Buffet

Roosterfish have to be the coolest predator fish on the planet with a reputation of being one of the toughest species to land on a fly rod! In this episode of the Buffet Series you will see more displays of ferocity than you can count! Phil and Gilbert have the time of their lives as they hook into some of the most amazing fish either of them have ever caught!

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The Winter Collection | Desert Buffet

In the heat of the desert there’s more to be found than scorpions and rattlesnakes. Experience bass fly fishing and underwater action for HUGE bluegill where the water meets the burning sand!

When you think of chasing bass, fly fishing isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. However, Phil and Gilbert were able to implement subsurface tactics that made for some extremely fast fishing! Relax and warm up to the summertime vibes emitted from this film and get outside soon to find some bass for yourself!

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The Winter Collection | Xcalak Salty Buffet

Xcalak is a small secluded fishing village located near the Mexico/Belize border. Surrounded by flats that are full of bonefish, permit, snook, jacks, barracuda, and many other species, Xcalak is the perfect place for a saltwater fly fishing destination trip. Phil & Gilbert made the most of their time while there, from sun up to sun down they were on the water looking for anything that would eat a fly. Assisted by friend Alex Beck,  local guide Alejandro and his son Thomas, they not only found many willing fish, but also some world-class size bonefish that are rumored not to exist on Mexico’s flats. Minds were truly blown with this experience!

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The Winter Collection | BWO Buffet

Utah’s Green River is home to one of the world’s greatest blue-winged olive (BWO) hatches. Often times there are so many mayflies on the water that it looks like a shag carpet floating down the river, and the trout can’t resist gorging themselves relentlessly. If dry fly fishing to rising trout is your thing, then you’re going to love this video!

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4 Weeks of Daylight | 2022 IF4™ Official Selection

The Kola Reserve has recently gathered a cadre of professional fly fishing pioneers led by Stephan Dombaj of Fly Fishing Nation on a mission to determine whether rumors of the existence of two phenomenal, lost and completely private Atlantic Salmon fisheries on the northern coast of the Kola Peninsula in Russia were true. Adding to the intrigue and speculation was the fact that both rivers flow north into the Barents Sea at a point only slightly southeast of the trophy-laden Yokanga and to the northwest of the prolific Ponoi. They are dead-center in the heart of a region famous for trophy-sized Atlantic salmon, numbers of grilse, and large Osenka (fall run) Atlantics. The rivers are completely private and have been designated catch-and-release, fly fishing only fisheries that will remain shielded from poaching, commercial harvest, and exploitation.

Join the exploration team to the Kola Peninsula and get a glimpse of the secret of their craft and a first inside look of the Lumbovka and Kachkovka rivers. Filmmaker: Fly Fishing Nation Media
4 Weeks of Daylight is a 2022 Official Selection in the International Fly Fishing Film Festival! Visit for locations, tickets and or book a screening near you! 
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