Stimmies Virtual Vote: Born to Fish

stimmie awards born to fish

Up next is another finalist for the 2020 Stimmie Awards: “Born to Fish” from Bouva Media.

Storytelling is a priority for Bouva Media, both through our projects with clients and through videos like Born to Fish. For us, our passion of cinematography and the outdoors are a natural pairing and although we have filmed fishing related content in the past, we have always wanted to showcase the sport’s diversity and put it together in one film.

By combining four stories into a short segment under 3 minutes, we hoped to capture the sportsmanship and passion that many fishermen in British Columbia encompass. By dissecting the process of these four stories, we were able to portray the similarities of each activity, from the early preparation to landing the fish. We tied these stories together with a bold script that was inspired by Earnest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea.

In order to best capture the dedication of each fisherman, we planned for non-ideal conditions and dark, moody weather. Unbelievably, the weather was bright over the course of six days filming, which meant that more effort was put into post-production, including cutting, colouring, and sound than we had initially planned.

Overall, our team had a great time working on this project and we thank everyone who helped to make this film possible.

As one of the finalists in the Stimmies Virtual Vote, “Born to Fish” is now open to public voting. You can cast your ballot for this film over at the International Fly Fishing Film Festival website.

Be sure to check out all of the finalists before submitting your vote. There are some great films ready to be seen!