Stimmies Virtual Vote: Anyone’s Adventure

The next finalist for the 2020 Stimmie Awards is: “Anyone’s Adventure” from Teddy Cosco, Maddie Cosco, and Lindsay Derer.

In this short film, we aim to capture an everyman’s journey from the office, through the beauty of the BC backcountry, to the first cast and catch (and release).

During the week, many of us work in the city, sitting at a desk, counting the minutes until we can get out on the water. Critical to this storyline is highlighting the accessibility afforded by the network of well-kept trails and campsites that lead to the pristine waters in BC. In the film, many kilometres of spectacular hiking trails, stunning glacial scenery, and a range of weather conditions are on display throughout a multi-day backpacking trip before arriving at the final destination: a remote alpine lake. A large part of the allure of fishing is the journey itself: it’s not just about catching big fish. As such, the beauty of the experience leading up to that first cast is featured; an experience that is accessible to anyone with a sense of adventure.

This everyman tale concludes with a return to reality in the city and an acknowledgment that there’s no limit to the extraordinary weekend getaways at our fingertips in this awe-inspiring province.

As one of the finalists in the Stimmies Virtual Vote, “Anyone’s Adventure” is now open to public voting. You can cast your ballot for this film over at the International Fly Fishing Film Festival website.

Be sure to check out all of the finalists before submitting your vote. There are some great films ready to be seen!