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Bully For You | Bob Covey

Bull trout have been protected in Alberta for nearly a quarter-century. Why haven’t they recovered? And more to the point: are well-intentioned anglers to blame?

Crossing Paths, Complimentary Passions | Nick Trehearne, Trevor Carruthers

Living in the East Kootenays has helped reignite a partially-forgotten passion for fly fishing. A pair of friends, targeting bull trout and west slope cutthroat on a pristine waterway in one of Canada’s trout meccas, serves as a reminder of the power of teamwork on the water.

Chrome Zone |  Jason Harman

For a long time now, I have been on a quest. I’ve devoured books, podcasts and videos and if I found anyone with the slightest piscatorial predilection for mysterious, anadromous fish, I would strike up a conversation, hoping it would lead to sage sparks of wisdom.

Steel Union | Todd Penke

Wild steelhead need our help. If you put your time in offthe water, the next time you do manage to catch one, whether a summer steelhead aggressively taking a surface fly or a winter steelhead chasing an intruder swung deep, it will be the most satisfying angling experience you’ll ever have.

In Flight Meal | Danie Erasmus

Knowing when and where to imitate the different life stages of a western green drake isn’t always straight forward. But the western green drake is perhaps the most iconic mayfly in fly fishing. If you want to fool trout—particularly big trout—you need to appreciate this insect.


Faux Fame and Fishing| Derek Bird

Chip Shots | Jeff Wagner

Making Your Connection | Derek Olthuis

Hanging in the Balance | Brian Chan

Decoding the Chironomid | Dana Harrison

Ask the Magazine Guy | Jim McLennan

End of the Line | Howard Fischer

Small Nymph Refresher–Caddis

by Danie Erasmus 

Caddisfly larvae are also important small nymphs. Trout feed on caddis larvae if they have a case, spin a net, or are free-living. Most caddisfly species’ larvae also perform a behavioural drift throughout the season, making them an excellent, easily accessible food source for trout. Many larvae also expose themselves when suspending mid-current with a silk thread that is attached to the substrate. Called rappelling, the larvae attach the silk thread to the substrate and then rappel downstream to new habitat. 

The American grannom is one of the more important small caddis as it is present in moderately flowing runs where it’s practical to fish small nymphs. These case-building caddis larvae are easily recognized by the four-sided, chimney-shaped cases they build from small twigs. Grannoms cling to the topside of rocks and aquatic plants, and exhibit the rappelling behaviour. It’s quite common to find these larvae, complete with cases, in a trout’s stomach.  

Small free-living and net-spinning caddis are also excellent fish food. Imitating predacious free-living caddis is more challenging, as they occupy fast-moving riffles, but since they actively hunt their prey and move around a lot, they are often washed downstream. Poor swimmers, free-living caddis frequently end up drifting long distances downstream. Net-spinning caddis set up their shelters and nets in more moderate current, water suitable for fishing small nymphs. These larvae leave the safety of their shelters to find food, inadvertently exposing themselves to danger. 

The overall the shape of caddis larvae permits the addition of a fair amount of weight when tying small imitations. Tungsten beads and lead wire along the shank of the hook are important components of small caddis larvae imitations. 

Small Nymph Refresher–Mayflies

by Danie Erasmus

Mayflies make up a major portion of the small nymphs trout feed on and they become prey in a number of situations. Trout feed opportunistically on struggling nymphs that are swept downstream by fast water. Mayfly nymphs also exhibit a behaviour called dispersal drifts, when they let go of the river bottom en masse and drift downstream to find new habitat. These migrations peak in early morning and early evening, increasing their exposure to trout during those times. Nymphs are also susceptible when emerging, as many species swim to the surface to emerge.  

 Mayfly nymphs occupy a wide variety of habitats and water-types including riffles, runs, back-eddies and pools. In streams mayfly nymphs have adapted to either cling or crawl among the rocks, or to swim and dart from rock to rock in the fast current.  

 Clinger and crawler nymphs tend to occupy faster water in riffles and runs. These nymphs are flat, stout and wide so that they can cling to and live among rocks without easily being swept away. Effective fly patterns imitating these nymphs should have the same wide and stout profile, and should be heavily weighted. This shape is convenient for fly tiers as it allows for the inclusion of over-sized beads and lead wire to help these flies sink faster.  

 Swimming mayfly nymphs, such as those belonging to the Baetidae family, inhabit both fast and slow water. Nymph imitations of these should be slender, which means there isn’t room for a lot of weight to be added. However, you can cheat a bit and use oversized bead-heads with slim bodies, or the very popular Perdigon Nymph. To fish these flies effectively, focus on slower runs. 

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Fall 2023 Cover (Sub)

VOLUME 20, ISSUE 4 – Fall 2023

Love at First Strike | Laurel White
Coach and Release | Emily Roger
Piscatorial Prescription | Teddy Cosco
Trout Bum in Steel Town | Bob Covey
Walk a Mile | Derek Bird
Amie Battams | Profile
Waking Life | Kastine Coleman
Betwixt and Between | Frank Brassard
Evolution and Adaption | Jeff Wagner
Arctic Explosion | Derek Olthuis
Colder Water, Bolder Fish | Brian Chan
Spilling the Beads | Jim McLennan



VOLUME 20, ISSUE 3 – Summer 2023

Learning to Listen | Fred Campbell
Legend of the Margaree | Tim Myers
Quest of Honour | Bob Covey
Get Jacked | Tim Harden
John F. Turner | Profile
Pissing the Day Away | Derek Bird
A Fresh Start | Kastine Coleman
Lake Life | Frank Brassard
In it for the Long Haul| Jeff Wagner
Blown Away | Derek Olthuis
Drop Me off at the Drop-Off Zone | Brian Chan
The Truth Will Set You Free | Jim McLennan
Tie it or Buy it | Jeremy Davies

Subscriber Cover (Spring 2023)

VOLUME 20, ISSUE 2 – Spring 2023

Five Loaves and Two Fish | Allen Crater
Red Surge | Jake Hale
Last Angler on Katherine Lake | Bob Covey
Hook-Bending, Mind-Blending | Chase Bohning
Fifty Flies to Try Before You Die | Jeremy Davies
All Anglers are Liars – False | Derek Bird
Kastine Coleman | Profile
Confessions from a Wing Nut | Dana Harrison
Rocking a Roll Cast | Jeff Wagner
The Octagon of the Flats | Derek Olthuis
Springing Ahead on Fall Fishing | Brian Chan
More than Just a Pretty Face | Jim McLennan
Naked Lunch | Matt Kryger

Winter Sub Cover

VOLUME 20, ISSUE 1 – Winter 2022

A Seismic Shift | Matthew Komatsu
Breaking the Ice | Riley Leboe
High Drama on Hallowed Waters | Frank Brassard
Editor’s Choice Product Reviews
Sometimes the Streams Slap Back | Derek Bird
Shooting the Breeze | Kastine Coleman
Iceman Coemth | Dana Harrison
Pride on the Line | Jeff Wagner
Hard to Top | Derek Olthuis
The Leading Edge | Brian Chan
Not Lonely, Just Alone | Jim McLennan
Tying the Knot | Agnieszka & Arek Kubale

V19I4 Subscriber cover

VOLUME 19, ISSUE 4 – Fall 2022

Five Loaves and Two Fish | Allen Crater
Red Surge | Jake Hale
Last Angler on Katherine Lake | Bob Covey
Hook-Bending, Mind-Blending | Chase Bohning
Fifty Flies to Try Before You Die | Jeremy Davies
All Anglers are Liars – False | Derek Bird
Kastine Coleman | Profile
Confessions from a Wing Nut | Dana Harrison
Rocking a Roll Cast | Jeff Wagner
The Octagon of the Flats | Derek Olthuis
Springing Ahead on Fall Fishing | Brian Chan
More than Just a Pretty Face | Jim McLennan
Naked Lunch | Matt Kryger


VOLUME 19, ISSUE 3 – Summer 2022

Follow the Bouncing Bug | Gilbert Rowley
Up a Creek | Amber Toner
Silver Reflections | Kastine Coleman
L.A. Confidential | Glenn Ueda
Community Versus Competition | Ryan Ermet

Think Tips | Derek Bird
Mariusz Wroblewski | Profile
Seasonal Delicacies | Jeff Wagner
What Dreams May Come | Derek Olthuis
Dragon Slayers | Brian Chan
Paws for Effect | Jim McLennan
Thursday Night Live | Tim Hepworth & Dana Lattery


VOLUME 19, ISSUE 2 – Spring 2022

Bully For You | Bob Covey
Crossing Paths, Complimentary Passions | Nick Trehearne, Trevor Carruthers
Chrome Zone |  Jason Harman
Steel Union | Todd Penke
In Flight Meal | Danie Erasmus
Faux Fame and Fishing| Derek Bird
Chip Shots | Jeff Wagner
Making Your Connection | Derek Olthuis
Hanging in the Balance | Brian Chan
Decoding the Chironomid | Dana Harrison
Ask the Magazine Guy | Jim McLennan
End of the Line | Howard Fischer

V19I1 Subscriber cover

VOLUME 19, ISSUE 1 – Winter 2021

An Irish Mob Boss and a Presbyterian Minister Walk into a…River | Derek Bird
Birth of an Obsession | Jim McLennan
Top Heavy, Bottom Line | Amber Toner
Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone | Kayla Smith
Reinventing the Trout System | Jeremy Davies
Time-Tested Reviews | Fly Fusion Editorial Staff
Distance Education | Jeff Wagner
Passing it On | Derek Olthuis
School’s Always In | Brian Chan
Identity Crisis | Dana Harrison
You Should Learn This | Jim McLennan


VOLUME 18, ISSUE 4 – Fall 2021

Five More Casts | Derek Bird
Fishing Photography Tips & Tricks | Jessica Haydahl Richardson
Going the Distance with your Spey Cast | Kate Watson
Online Strangers, Flyline Friendships | Nick Trehearne
Manners Maketh Man | Cassandra Ellery
Profile | April Vokey
Follow Your Leader | Jeff Wagner
High Mountain Bliss | Derek Olthuis
Five Proven Patterns to Tempt the Biggest Trout in the Lake | Brian Chan
Wetter is Better | Dana Harrison
Diversify! | Jim McLennan
Intruder Alert | Irene Vucko


VOLUME 18, ISSUE 3 – Summer 2021

Life Like Evan | Derek Bird
Best Ties for Summer Flies | Brassard, Davies & Vanderweyden
Where the Wild Salmon Roam |Koreski & Monod
A Tactical Approach to Carp | Jeff Wagner
In Search of Labrador’s Trophy Brook Trout | Rasmus Ovesen
Profiles | Todd Moen
Fishing in Solitude | Steve Rennalls
Fast & Accurate| Jeff Wagner
Midge Mecca | Derek Olthuis
In Praise of Strike Indicators |Brian Chan
The Season We’re All Waiting For | Dana Harrison
How to Defile a Wilderness | Jim McLennan
Sipping on Lacroix | Landon Lacroix

cover subscriber copy

VOLUME 18, ISSUE 2 – Spring 2021

On Fishing In Camera | Derek Bird
Super Tips for All Your Trips | Oelrich, Chan & Sparks
Redefining Adventures | Jessica Haydahl Richardson
A Different Kind of Fly-Rod Review | Jeff Wagner
What’s New in the Tying Game? | Dana Harrison
Miami Vise | Lucas Utrera
Profiles | Tim Romano
Big Trips and Practice | Jeff Wagner
A Common Thread | Derek Olthuis
Improve Your Chironomid Success | Dana Harrison
Editor’s Choice New & Notable Gear
Characters | Jim McLennan
Flies on the Barbee | Lee Barbee

Subscriber cover copy

VOLUME 18, ISSUE 1 – Winter 2020

Just Shy of Eighteen | Derek Bird
Cold Season Decree | George Daniels
A Conservationist’s Mindset | Curtis Hall
Last Summer on the Sage | Derek Bird
The Updated Trout System | Jeremy Davies
Profiles | Landon Mayer
In Close Quarters | Jeff Wagner
Child’s Play | Derek Olthuis
Strategizing for the Next Season| Brian Chan
Winter Got You Down? | Dana Harrison
Sub Zero Series | Jeff Enwright
Rules? What Rules? | Jim McLennan


VOLUME 17, ISSUE 4 – Fall 2020

The Dog Days | Derek Bird
Tactics for Trophy Stillwaters | Jordan Oelrich
The Secret River | Gary Borger
Quiet Corners | Wesley G. White
Fly Lines in Focus | Jeff Wagner
Profiles | Strick Walker
Mentoring | Jeff Wagner
Dream Trip Replacements | Derek Olthuis
Early Fall Tactics | Brian Chan
Stillwater Swirls in the Fall | Dana Harrison
Memory & Selectivity| Jim McLennan
End of the Line | Svend Diesel
V17I3 Sub Cover WEB

VOLUME 17, ISSUE 3 – Summer 2020

Streamlines on Taglines | Derek Bird
On the Contrary | Jim McLennan
Hike-in Fly Fishing at its Peak | Teddy Cosco
Can Fly Fishing Save Mongolia’s Taimen? | John Van Vleet
Yellow Sallies, Top and Bottom | Danie Erasmus
Profiles | Land Tawney
Tips for the Long Haul | Jeff Wagner
Road Trippin’ | Derek Olthuis
Fly Lines for Sub-Surface Presentations | Brian Chan
Bull Trout: Which Flies Work Best? | Dana Harrison
Grandparenting| Jim McLennan
Creature Feature | Jaymes Veitch
Why Do We Do It | Jim McLennan
Fusionmag V17I02_01

VOLUME 17, ISSUE 2 – Spring 2020

Steelheading with Musk, Atwood and Berry | Derek Bird
Slow Grinding Streamers | George Daniel
Getting Out of the House | Tim Myers
Runoff’s Dirty Secret | Ryan Sparks
Flies for Euro Nymphing | Jeremy Davies
Switch it up to Throw Junk | Jeff Wagner
Profiles | Maxine McCormick
Reconnecting | Derek Olthuis
Accessorizing Your Fly Patterns| Brian Chan
Spring Fever | Dana Harrison
Editor’s Choice Gear Guide
Spring Arsenal | Jake Vanderweyden

online cover newsstand copy

VOLUME 17, ISSUE 1 – Winter 2019

Oh, the Places You’ll go…Fishing | Derek Bird
All the Little Things | Jim McLennan
Finding Oman | Dana Lattery
First Venture to Salt | Jordan Oelrich
Successful Seasons | Landon Mayer
2020 Rod Review | Jeff Wagner
Profiles | Jeff Currier
Flies That Up Your Stillwater Game | Brian Chan
Trout-Spey Flies | Dana Harrison
Pheasant Tail Soft Hackle | Dana Harrison

Winter Fly Patterns | Jeremy Davies
Helpful Defenitions | Jim McLennan

V16I4 Cover copy

VOLUME 16, ISSUE 4 – Fall 2019

Fishing Sucks – Tell Your Friends | Derek Bird
Water Lure Sally | John & Katie Demuth
Profiles | Jim Bartschi
Ankle Deep and Thirty Feet | Scott Baker McGarva
Fly Rods and Fish Plates | Oliver Rogers & Cody Richardson
Big, Bad, Backcounty Lakes | Bob Covey
Stripped Down Flies for Hard-to-fool Fish | Jesse Keith
Practice | Jeff Wagner
Near or Far? | Derek Olthuis
Five Tips to Fall Stillwater Success | Brian Chan
Mastering the Meat | Bob Reece
The Golden Caddis | Sean Chahley
Confidence | Jim McLennan
Falling for Flies | Dana Harrison

cover copy

VOLUME 16, ISSUE 3 – Summer 2019

Lost and Found | Derek Bird
ZK’s MK-Ultra | Dana Lattery
Profiles | Alice Owsley
Getting Closer | Ryan Sparks
Jungle Encounter | Wesley G. White
Edges and Drop-Offs | Jordan Oelrich
Parachute Power | Jeremy Davies
Distance Casting | Jeff Wagner
A Legend Among Anglers | Derek Olthuis
Stillwater Trout Behaviour | Brian Chan
Differentiated Dry Droppers | Bob Reece
Bruce’s DDP Stone | Justin Bruce
The Times They Are A Changin’ | Jim McLennan
Life-Like Imitations | Jeremy Davies

Fusionmag V16I2 copy

VOLUME 16, ISSUE 2 – Spring 2019

The Zero Sum Game | Derek Bird
Emperor Mouse | Steve Yewchuck
Profiles | John Van Vleet
They Know You Are There | Tom Rosenbauer
A Backyard Paradise | Jordan Oelrich & Jeremy Koreski
Situational Nymphing | Danie Erasmus
The Overlooked Wet Fly | Jesse Keith
Casting Nymph Rigs | Jeff Wagner
Reasons | Derek Olthuis
What’s in Your Tackle Bag? | Brian Chan
Reaping Windy Rewards | Bob Reece
The Lost Art of the Wet Fly | Jake Vanderweyden
It’s Lonely Up Here | Jim McLennan
Martian Invasion | Peter Stitcher

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FF Cover V16I1 web

VOLUME 16, ISSUE 1 – Winter 2018

The Clay Bank Pool | Derek Bird
The Kootenay Stone | Dana Harrison
Profiles | Ed Anderson
Meet the Middle: Montana’s Middle Fork of the Flathead | John Van Vleet
A Guide’s Advice | Dana Lattery
Putting the Best to the Test| Fly Fusion Editorial Staff
Nymphs for Tough Tailwaters| Ryan Sparks
The Unseen Waters | Derek Olthuis
Balance, Boobies and Blobs | Brian Chan
Stretchy Strategies | Bob Reece
Editor’s Choice Awards | Fly Fusion Editorial Staff
The Smurf Surveyor | Jake Vanderweyden

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webcover copy

VOLUME 15, ISSUE 4 – Fall 2018

Picture Yourself Fly Fishing | Derek Bird
Biot Stonefly | Jake Vanderweyden
Profiles | Kate Watson
Stream Sense: Improving Your Chances to Hook Up  | Jim McLennan
Fall ‘N Dreams | Matt Guymon
Overlooked Abundance: Terrestrials Through the Seasons | Ryan Sparks
Fly Fishing’s Million Dollar Man | Craig Matthews
Improving the Autumn Dry Fly Box | Jeremy Davies
Drifting in Boats, Casting Flies | Jeff Wagner
Chasing Turbo-Charged Browns | Derek Olthuis
Lake Lines | Brian Chan
Overtime Offerings: Extending Terrestrial Time | Bob Reece
The Bull Minnow | Daniel Zbylut
Stillwater Confessions | Jim McLennan
Fire & Ice | Colin Callbeck

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V15I3 Cover

VOLUME 15, ISSUE 3 – Summer 2018

Seuss, Pooh, and the Inner You | Derek Bird
Greenwell’s Glory | Grant Bench
Profiles | Gary Borger
Slack Line Solutions  | Landon Mayer
Rainbows at Earth’s End | Adam Tavender
Recommended Summer Reading: The River | Ryan Sparks
A Case for New Caddis Patterns | Jeremy Davies
Deadly Accurate: The Musings of a Straight Shooter | Jeff Wagner
Seriously Salty | Derek Olthuis
Curing the Summer Stillwater Blues | Brian Chan
Key Ingredients to Killer Dries | Bob Reece
Fly Fusion Great Gear Giveaway
The Western Coachman | Wayne Luallen
Jim’s 12 Rules for Fishing with Seniors | Jim McLennan
Drakes, Damsels and Sexy Sally | Ben Byng
The Little Things | Jim McLennan
The Jig is up| Shawn Brillion

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Fusionmag V15I2 cover

VOLUME 15, ISSUE 2 – Spring 2018

No Clear Solution | Derek Bird
Big Bandit | Bob Reece
Small Nymphs for Huge Results  | Danie Erasmus
Seriously North | Derek Olthius
Hanging on to More Steelhead | Dana Sturn
Strategies for the Successful Drifter | Jim McLennan
Early Spring Stillwater Tactics |Brian Chan
The Final Deception | Robert Hinchliffe
Reece’s Subsurface Sensations | Bob Reece
Slow Rods | Jeff Wagner
Spring 2018 Reviews
CW’s CDC & Foam PMD Emerger | Chris Williams
The Little Things | Jim McLennan
The Jig is up| Shawn Brillion

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FF Cover V15I1 web

VOLUME 15, ISSUE 1 – Winter 2018

Lady Luck and a Kid Called Chance | Derek Bird
Fall Delight | Dan Despres
Quest for the Best: 2018’s New Rods  | Fly Fusion Staff
Fresh Tracks | Jeremy Koreski & Katy Watson
Quick-Tie Guide Flies | Landon Mayer
The Versatile Soft Hackle | Ryan Sparks
Simplifying the Stillwater Equation |Brian Chan
The Final Deception | Robert Hinchliffe
Small Streamers in Small Streams | Jeremy Davies
Self Help for the Troubled Caster | Jeff Wagner
Editor’s Choice Awards
MR Simba | Mike Schmidt
Fishing Lodge | Jim McLennan
Midge Busters | Scott Erickson

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V14I4 cover

VOLUME 14, ISSUE 4 – Fall 2017

Beneath the Brim | Derek Bird
Paradrop CDC Mayfly Emerger | Chris Williams
Down Under with Beetles | Gary Borger
Stalking Monster Brook Trout | Aaron Hitchins
The PMD – Never Dun Learning | Jim McLennan
Climate Change and the Responsible Fly Angler | Angela McIntyre
Stillwater Observation |Brian Chan
The (Green) Drake Equation | Robert Hinchliffe
Summer Transition Patterns | Jeremy Davies
Casting Light on Fly Line Tapers | Jeff Wagner
Product Reviews
DHP (Dihybrid Parachute) | Bob Reece
Old School | Jim McLennan
Mayflies on my Mind | Al Ritt

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V14I3 cover

VOLUME 14, ISSUE 3 – Summer 2017

Fly Fishing, Basketball and Parenting | Derek Bird
Paradrop CDC Mayfly Emerger | Chris Williams
Down Under with Beetles | Gary Borger
Stalking Monster Brook Trout | Aaron Hitchins
The PMD – Never Dun Learning | Jim McLennan
Climate Change and the Responsible Fly Angler | Angela McIntyre
Stillwater Observation |Brian Chan
The (Green) Drake Equation | Robert Hinchliffe
Summer Transition Patterns | Jeremy Davies
Casting Light on Fly Line Tapers | Jeff Wagner
Product Reviews
DHP (Dihybrid Parachute) | Bob Reece
Old School | Jim McLennan
Mayflies on my Mind | Al Ritt

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FF Cover V14I2 back issue

VOLUME 14, ISSUE 2 – Spring 2017

Leonard Cohen and Trout | Derek Bird
Dr. Breck | Mike Schmidt
Beating The Boats | Ryan Sparks
Rainy Days In Permit Paradise | Daniel Shepler
A Good Time To Tie (A New) One On | Jim McLennan
Rolling Stones and Rockin’ New Nymphs | Bob Reece
Andy Danylchuk Talks Wild Steelhead Release | April Vokey
Early Risers | Robert Hinchliffe
The Trout System Revisited | Jeremy Davies
Understanding Single Hand Spey | Jeff Wagner
Product Reviews
Blacked Wing Beetle | A.K. Best
Angling Art | Jim McLennan
Red Heads And Naked Nymphs | Todd Schotts

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FF Cover V14I1 MASTER back issue

VOLUME 14, ISSUE 1 – Winter 2016

Taboos, Piracy and Purists | Derek Bird
Green Highlander | Al Ritt
2017 New Rod Guide | Derek Bird
Finding Eden | Derek Bird
Tough Day Tactics | Gary Borger
Warming up for Winter Steelhead | Dana Sturn
Mongolia on my Mind | April Vokey
All That Glitters | Robert Hinchliffe
Tackling Traditional Patterns | Al Ritt
Fly Rod Flex and Recovery | Jeff Wagner
Editor’s Choice Awards
The Carron | Will Bush
Technology and Tradition | Jim McLennan
Mama’s Cornbread and Other Delicious Streamers | Paul Beel

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VOLUME 13, ISSUE 4 – Fall 2016

The Dilemma | Derek Bird
Atherton Number Four | Ricky Bassett
Autumn Gold: Unorthodox Streamer Tactics for Fall Trout | Ryan Sparks
Small Streams Solitude | The Bug Parade
Steelhead Guide Secrets | Dana Sturn
Nearsighted: Focused on the Wealthy Banks | Rick Hafele
Murray Cod | April Vokey
Zombies, Ghosts and Multi-Legged Hosts | Robert Hinchliffe
Small Foam Flies for Fussy Trout | Jeremy Davies
Straight Line Path for Generation Z | Jeff Wagner
Product Reviews
The Realistic Baitfish | Rich Strolis
Degrees of Difficulty | Jim McLennan
Subsurface Style | Davy Wotton

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High Hopes | Derek Bird
ARF Turbo Gurgler | Al Ritt
Tactics, Tips and Techniques for Technical Trout Water | Jim McLennan
Christmas Dreams | Josh Nugent
Reducing Trout Stress | Andrew Williams
Return to Slender: The Stillwater Damselfly | Brian Chan
My Marlin Obsession | April Vokey
Getting the Drift | Robert Hinchliffe
A Case for Throwback Patterns | Al Ritt
Pounding the Banks | Jeff Wagner
Product Reviews
The Brooks Sprout | Skip Morris
Fishing Vicariously | Jim McLennan
Hoppers and Stones and Everything Foam | Juan Ramirez

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Fiberglass, Fish and Photos | Derek Bird
Screaming Yeti Muffin Top | Bryan Dobrowlsky
The Bug Basics | Jim McLennan
Anadromous Paradise | Jeremy Koreski
Casting out Fly Line Myths | John Van Vleet
Manufacturing Fly Fishing Success | Andrea McIntyre
Seeking Solitude | April Vokey
Mayflies on the Edge | Robert Hinchliffe
Atypical Attractor Patterns | Jeremy Davies
On the Mend | Jeff Wagner
Product Reviews
The Beefcake Stone | Bob Reece
Institutes of Advanced Learning | Jim McLennan
Krueger’s Streamer Team | Chris Krueger

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The Teacher | Derek Bird
Glitzy Girl | Forest Klott
The DNA of a Successful Angler | Thibaut Millet
Silver Hawaii | The Bug Parade
Summer Advice for the Winter Vise | Rick Hafele
Collecting Cane and other Angling Artifacts | Andrew Williams
#Chaseit | April Vokey
Overtime Strategies for Extended Hatches | Robert Hinchliffe
Fly Evolution | Al Ritt
Barriers to Better Casting | Jeff Wagner
Editors’ Choice Awards
Easy Peasy UDD | Gary Hanke
Whose Fly Box? | Jim McLennan
A Case for Old Patterns | Jesse Filingo

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VOLUME 12, ISSUE 4 – FALL 2015

In Defense of the Non-Trendy Beard | Derek Bird
Pink Comet | Trevor Nowak
Long-Tippet Nymphing | Gary Borger
Saltwater Virgins | Derek Martin and Jeff Bourdages
Small Flies Big Steelhead | Dana Sturn
Mastering Synthetics | Jeremy Davies
Tying With Rhea | April Vokey
Ghost Hatches | Robert Hinchliffe
Going Against the Grain | Al Ritt
Fishing from a Drift Boat | Jeff Wagner
Product Reviews
Reece’s Masked Bandit | Bob Reece
A Famous River | Jim McLennan
Autumn Stillwater Magic | Phil Rowley

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Jesse Syndrome | Derek Bird
Front Runner | Jason Haddix
The Brown (Trout) Bible | Dave Jensen
Summer Steelhead | Adam Tavender
Tricos: A Trout Delicacy | Jim McLennan
Off the Beaten Path | Bill Reed
Matching the Non-Hatch | Rob Hinchliffe
A Gear Bag Full of Steelhead Tips | April Vokey
New Patterns That Stack Up | Al Ritt
Retro Rods: Casting Glass | Jeff Wagner
Product Reviews
Shotglass Baetis | Jake Ruthven
Road Trips | Jim McLennan
Summer Sampler | Mike Stewart

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The Fly Fishing Brain | Derek Bird
Two-Tone Stonefly Nymph | Brent Onofrychuk
Blue Winged Olive Weather | Jim McLennan
India’s Golden Mahseer | Adam Tavender
Five Spring Stillwater Patterns | Brian Chan
Strategies for Problematic Water | Andrew Williams
Waddington Food for Thought | April Vokey
Solutions for Sporadic Hatches | Al Ritt
High Mountain Streams | Jeff Wagner
Product Reviews
The Bruiser Story | Don Freschi
Fly Shops | Jim McLennan
Bull Trout Flies | Josh Nugent

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The Aging Angler | Derek Bird
George Grant Feather-Back Stonefly Nymph | Sue Armstrong
Fly Fishing Tenkara Style | Angela McIntyre
The Trout of Cuttyville | Derek Olthius & Courtney Boice
Streams of “The Berg” | Peter Brigg
Forage Fish Fever | Phil Rowley
Grease Lining | April Vokey
The Ultimate Rod Review | Jeff Wagner
Editors’ Choice Gear
CBC Red Scud | Colin Callbeck
Expectations | Jim McLennan
It’s All in a Name | Grant Bench

Adobe Photoshop PDF

VOLUME 11, ISSUE 4 – FALL 2014

The Complication of Micturition | Derek Bird
Kinermony Killer Spey | Kevin Branch
The Search for Pure Westslope Cutthroat | Andrew Hardingham
West Coast Time Travel | Jeremy Koreski & Blake Klopfenstein
Seasons of the Westslope Cutthroat | Frank Wood
To Bead or Not to Bead | Jerry Darkes
Breaking the Line Weight Rules | Jeff Wagner
Good Old Fashioned Words of Inspiration | April Vokey
Matching the Stillwater Hatch | Al Ritt
Kristil Boatman | Gary Hanke
Product Reviews
Exploration and Discovery | Jim Mclennan
End of the Line | Jerry Hubka



Fish Kissing | Derek Bird
Green Highlander Hairwing | Sylvie Malo-Clark
Profiles | Al Ritt
Stalking Big Trout | Thibaut Millet
The Mighty Thompson | Aaron Goodis
The Requirements of Stream Trout | Jim McLennan
Fishing Streamers as Nymphs | Gary Borger
Improving Your Cast | Jeff Wagner
Skagit Tips | April Vokey
The Streamer Nymphing System | Jeremy Davies
The Quill Gordon | Al Ritt
Product Reviews
Healing and Coping | Jim McLennan
End of the Line | Greg Garcia



A Tale of Two Anglers | Derek Bird
Wayne’s Zebra Scud | Wayne Samson
Exploring the Parks of the Rockies | Andrew Hardingham
Silver Lined Play Brook | Derek Bird
Poise Under Pressure | Dave Jensen
Lakers on the Taiga | Frank Wood
Distance Casting: Not Just for Show | Jeff Wagner
Without Change There Cannot Be Growth | April Vokey
Spring Success | Jeremy Davies
Junk Yard Dog | Mike Schmidt
Product Reviews
The Annual Trip | Jim McLennan
Five Must Have Spring Patterns | Joe Johnson



Portrait of the Modern Angler | Derek Bird
PR Special | Daniel Despres
Profiles: Leith Perkins: Chairman of the Board
Winter’s Gold | Dave Karczynski and Tom Lynch
West Coast Sea Run | Aaron Goodis
The Influencers | Jim McLennan
The Trout System Revisited | Jeremy Davies
In Dean’s Corner | April Vokey
The New Bow River | Josh Nugent
The Ultimate Rod Review | Jeff Wagner
Editors’ Choice Gear
Blue Balls Weevil | Jeremy Davies
Changes | Jim McLennan
Lake Secrets | Marty Staab


VOLUME 10, ISSUE 4 - FALL 2014

Help Wanted | Derek Bird
Slip N’ Slider | Pat Cohen
Profiles | Frank Moore: Angler & American Hero
To Know a River…And Why it Matters | Thibaut Millet
The End of the Dean | Louis Cahill
Lakers | Gary A. Borger
Backswimmer Bonanza | Jeremy Davies
The Basic Cast in Depth | Jeff Wagner
The Importance of a Composed Cast | April Vokey
Does Size Really Matter? | Fly Fusion Editorial Staff
Medium Roast | Russ Forney
Product Reviews
Couples | Jim McLennan
Streamers | Eric Ishiwata



Stream Lines: The River Never Changes [Derek Bird]
Fly Tiers Canvas: Rosy’s Poon Bug [Kelly Oikawa]
Profiles: James Prosek [Peter Christensen]
Five Rules for Big Trout in Small Streams [Skip Morris]
People of the Ponoi [Jess McGlothlin]
Great Expectations and Realistic Returns [Grant Wiswell]
Chasing Keys Poon [Roy Tanami]
Stillwater Caddis [Brian Chan]
Long Lines: Casting – Style and Substance [Jeff Wagner]
Chasing Chrome: Terminology [April Vokey]
Hooks & Half Hitches: Saltwater Tying Q&A [Editorial Staff]
Fly Tiers Table: Morris May [Skip Morris]
Product Reviews: Check out gear from Orvis, Rio, Patagonia, Scott and many more!
Water Marks: In Praise of Smart Fish [Jim McLennan]
End of the Line: Stillwater Fly Box [Brian Chan]



Stream Lines: The Fly Angler’s Hierarchy of Needs [Derek Bird]
Fly Tiers Canvas: Sweet Premium Wine [Connor Murphy]
Profiles: Matt Smythe [Chris Bird]
Summer Run Steelhead [Adrienne Comeau]
A Complex Process [Jacob Gibb]
Skeletons in the Rod Closet [Jim McLennan]
Confused Flies [Steve May]
Long Lines: Fundamentals of Loop Shape [Jeff Wagner]
Chasing Chrome: Confessions of a Fly Snob [April Vokey]
Hooks & Half Hitches: Anyone Can Tie This [Jeremy Davies]
Fly Tiers Table: The Fuzz is the Buzz [Al Ritt]
Product Reviews: Check out gear from Fish Pond, Loop, Simms, Patagonia and many more!
Water Marks: Boats… [Jim McLennan]
End of the Line: Essential Atlantic Salmon Flies [Mike Legge]



Stream Lines: For the Love of a Son… [Derek Bird]
Fly Tiers Canvas: Dunnigan’s Soft Hackle PMD [Casey Dunnigan]
Long Lines: Practice, Practice, Practice [Jeff Wagner]
Winter Bulls [Mike McPhee]
The First Time Back [Jeff Lee]
Bugs in Three Dimensions [Rick Hafele]
Tying and Fishing Insect Cycles [Jeremy Davies]
Chasing Chrome: Steelhead Facts [April Vokey]
Hooks & Half Hitches: Bull Trout Flies [Darren MacEachern & Jeremy Davies]
Fly Tiers Table: The Pioneer of a Revolution[Jake Ruthven]
Editor’s Choice: Best Gear for 2013
Water Marks: How Many is Enough [Jim McLennan]
End of the Line: Classic Wet Flies [Don Bastian]



Stream Lines: Why Not Now? [Derek Bird]
Fly Tiers Canvas: The Royal Vulture [Colin Callbeck]
Profiles: Gary Borger
New Zealand Spring Creeks [Dave Jensen]
The Urban Angler [James Spicer]
Atlantic Salmon on the Fly [Paul Smith]
The Downstream Dry Fly [Jim McLennan]
Chasing Chrome: Defining the Grip and Grin [April Vokey]
Hooks & Half Hitches: Caddis Flies [Darren MacEachern & Jeremy Davies]
Fly Tiers Table: The Simplified Paradrake [Rick Harding]
Water Marks: Old Friends [Jim McLennan]
End of the Line: Streamers 365 [Darren MacEachern]



Stream Lines: The Fall of a Fly Angler [Derek Bird]
Profiles: Fly Fishing Filmmakers
Mr Heger’s Stoneflies [Peter Christensen]
The Last Salmon Forest [Ian Majszak & Bryan Gregson]
Epic Landscapes [Aaron Goodis]
Fly Fishing the Foothills [Dave & Amelia Jensen]
Editor’s Choice: Best Photography
Water Marks: Excuses [Jim McLennan]



Stream Lines: Roll Up The Brim [Derek Bird]
Fly Tiers Canvas: Two Wire Anti-Static Bag Chironomid Pupa [Brian Chan]
Profiles: April Vokey
The Secret River [Gary Borger]
Chasing Rainbows [Jim Bailey]
Rocky Mountain Adventures [Naoto Aoki]
Floating Lines and Sub-Surface Tactics [Brian Chan]
Chasing Chrome: The Symphony Orchestra [April Vokey]
Hooks & Half Hitches: Wooly Buggers [Darren MacEachern & Jeremy Davies]
Fly Tiers Table: What Was Old… [Al Ritt]
Water Marks: Curiosity [Jim McLennan]
End of the Line: More Killer Combos [Jeremy Davies]


VOLUME 9, ISSUE 2 - SPRING 2012 (Sold Out)

Streamers, Sink Tips and Really Big Trout
Rainbow Alley
Transcending The Literal
Killer Combos
Profiles: Derek Bird



Lodge of the Year: Nicholas Dean Lodge
Felt Soles Up
The Essential Strip Strike
Profiles: Tim Rajeff
Winter Steelheaders
Winter Think Tank
CDC Mayfly Emerger
2012 Editor’s Choice New Gear
Jeremy Davies: Midges



The Sacred Headwaters
Spey Underground
Drift Boat Streamer Fishing
Tributary Giants
Intruders & Trailers Simplified
Who Needs Saddles?
The Pike Steamer
Drift Boat Streamers



Dry Flies & Drift Boats
Tickled Pink
The Cariboo Experience
The Green Trout
Chasing Chrome: Treasure Hunters
Late Night Cram Session
The Bonehead Leech
Aaron Goodis’ Pink for Pinks



Ice Out Brook Trout
Capture And Release
The Drakes
The Trout System
Kitchen Concepts: A Guide to Stillwater Aquatic Plants
Hook Alternatives
The Balanced Leech
Jeremy Davies – Drakes



The Pros Name Their Top 20 Destinations!
The Trout Lodge of the Year
The Making of Fly Nation



The Meaning of Water
Thinking Outside the Box
Snow Day
Five Knots For All Seasons
Handling the Hex
Snot Rockets
The Gluttonous Leech
2011 Editor’s Choice – New Products
Jacques Heroux’s – Atlantic Salmon Flies



Steelheader Psychology 101
Chrome Flatheads and Fly Rods
Rocky Mountain Road Trip
The Atlantic Salmon Effect
Hairwings for Steelhead
Bob Clay’s Steelhead Box
Interview: Trey Combs



Target Cruising Trout
Working Weeds
Presentation Tricks & Techniques
Trout’s 3 Basic Needs
12 Effective Stillwater Patterns



Unmatching the Hatch
8 Months of Big Dries
Baja Roosters
Back with a Vengeance
Casting Sidearm
Bug Sleuthing
Streamers and Stories
The Anchor Worm
The Stone Hatch
Interview: Yvon Chouinard



The Meaning of Water
Thinking Outside the Box
Snow Day
Five Knots For All Seasons
Handling the Hex
Snot Rockets
The Gluttonous Leech
2011 Editor’s Choice – New Products
Jacques Heroux’s – Atlantic Salmon Flies



Tactics for Fly Fishing in Shallow Water
Working Weeds
Bolivian Dorados
Terrific Tricos
The Universal Emerger
Chironomid Pupas
Liquid Lace Damsel
Stillwater Nymphs & Dries
Interview: Tom Rosenbauer

Fly Fusion Mag Vol 6 Iss 3


Ghosts of the Flats
Going Dry: A New Angle on Trolling
Nunavut: An Arctic Char Mecca
Scud Hook Advantage
Profiles: Jim McLennan

Fly Fusion Mag Vol 6 Iss 2


The Perfect Stream
Razor Rods
Grocery Shopping Trout
Choosing the Right Fly Design
Blue Winged Olives



The Costa Rica Challenge
Characters and Rivers
Lunker Lakers
Arctic Pilgrimage
Fly Tiers Table: The Whizzer
Fly TIers Table: The Cutter
Yellowstone National Park Photo Essay



In addition to the departments in this issue the features include:
· Fly Snobs Not Allowed by Al Noraker
· Rocky Mountain Trout Streams by Jim & Lynda McLennan
· Slinky Steelhead Streamers by Andrew Williams
· Global Warming, Climate Change & The Fly Angler by Frank Wood
· Adapt Your Single-Handed Spey Casting by Chris Seipio



In addition to the departments in this issue the features include:
· The Fish as Prey by Gary A. Borger
· Riffling Hitch by Paul Smith
· Wiggle Butts by John R. Gantner
· Falling for Ants by Don MacLean
· Double Spey Cast” by Chris Seipio



In addition to the departments in this issue the features include:
· The Angler as Predator by Gary Borger
· Stream Fishing Addiction by Mike McPhee
· Fly Fishing Photography by Frank Wood
· Wet Fly Tactics by Paul Marriner
· A Case for Caddis by Phil Rowley



In addition to the departments in this issue the features include:
· Ditching the Script by Jim McLennan
· Nymphing the Surface by John R. Gantner
· Pattern Vengence by Jeremy Davies
· On the Edge: Stillwater Bonanza by David Paul Williams
· The Circle “C” Cast by Chris Seipio



In addition to the departments in this issue the features include:
· Late Season Arctic Grayling by Frank Wood
· Deadly Winter Flies by Paul Smith
· To Cheat or Not To Cheat: The Synthetic Advantage by Jeremy Davies
· Saltwater Sea Runs: Silver-Sided Wild Trout by David Paul Williams
· The Switch Cast by Chris Seipio

Fly Fusion Vol 4 Issue 4


In addition to the departments in this issue the features include “Listening to the River ” from Jim McLennan, “Basically Bugs: A Practical Guide to Trout Food and Fly Selection” from John R. Gantner, “Fishing Strategies ” from Steve May, “Steelhead Dreams” from David Lambroughton and “The Roll Cast ” from Chris Seipio.



In addition to the departments in this issue the features include “Going to Extremes: A Quest for Solitude” from Jim Bailey, “Arctic Char: Remote and Wild” from Paul Smith, “Streamer Techniques for Bull Trout” from Frank Wood and “Summer Silver” from Don MacLean.



In addition to the departments in this issue the features include “Getting Down: Weighted Flies” from Steve May, “Lessons From the Season Past” from Jim McLennan, “Steelhead Stewards” from Peter McMullan and “Back Country Trout” from David Paul Williams.



In addition to the departments in this issue the features include “Getting Down: Weighted Flies” from Steve May, “Lessons From the Season Past” from Jim McLennan, “Steelhead Stewards” from Peter McMullan and “Back Country Trout” from David Paul Williams.

Fly Fusion Fall 2006 ver.3:Fly Fusion Magazine5

VOLUME 3, ISSUE 4 - FALL 2006 (Sold Out)

In addition to the departments in this issue the features include “Large Trout Low Water” from Jim McLennan, “Tube Flies for Salmon and Steelhead” from Andrew Williams, “Extreme Nymphing” from Steve May and “Spey Flies” from Rick Whorwood.


VOLUME 3, ISSUE 3 - SUMMER 2006 (Sold Out)

The third issue in our first quarterly volume saw a permanent change to the front cover. The “shadow” treatment introduced with the previous issue was given a permanent green light.


VOLUME 3, ISSUE 2 - SPRING 2006 (Sold Out)

This issue was the second issue in our first quarterly volume. Jim McLennan’s popular department “Just One Last Cast” was officially renamed “Water Marks”.


VOLUME 3, ISSUE 1 - WINTER 2005 (Sold Out)

This issue is the first issue of our third year and features a slightly modified look. One of our favorite departments “Bugs” was introduced in this issue.

VOLUME 2, ISSUE 2 - SUMMER 2005 (Sold Out)

Our final issue for 2005, the fall issue represents the start of our new quarterly publication structure. A new department ‘Fly Tiers Canvas” was introduced in this issue.


VOLUME 2, ISSUE 1 - SPRING 2005 (Sold Out)

Our second issue was the first in a series of two for 2005 and was released on February 6th. One of our more popular departments “Casting Creel” was introduced in this issue.


VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 - 2004 (Sold Out)

Our premier issue was released on June 1st, 2004 as an annual publication. With only 2,000 copies printed this is a hard to find issue and is now only available in electronic format.