Mighty Waters

Simms, Costa, and the American Museum of Fly Fishing release Cold Collaborative’s Award-Winning film Showcasing the Life and Legacy of Bimini’s Ansil Saunders.

Cold Collaborative’s Mighty Waters depicts the life, legacy, and philosophy of Ansil Saunders — a man whose life-long dedication to justice and equality inspired one of the most significant civil rights leaders in history.

Born and raised on the island of Bimini, Ansil ranks as not only one the most revered guides in the Bahamas, he’s a world-record holder, and a bonefish legend in his own right. Unlike the skinny waters that surround his island home, the story of Ansil runs deep.

Ansil’s humble, modest, and unassuming nature kept his story confined for far too long which is why filmmaker, Shannon Vandivier felt overwhelmingly compelled to tell it.

“When I first heard Ansil’s story, I knew it was a story the world should hear. Really, it’s everything about him. From the way he speaks to others and how he guides his clients on the flats, to his passionate pursuit for social justice. Everything about how he lives his day-to-day life is just so authentically good,” says Vandivier. “Ansil chose a path in life where wealth isn’t measured in dollars and cents, but rather how he spends his time. He has chosen to spend his currency of time by helping and inspiring as many people as he can — Martin Luther King Jr. included. I know for me personally, the Mighty Waters project, and specifically Ansil, have completely changed how I define wealth and what it actually means to be wealthy.”

Winning the Social Awareness Award at the Wasatch Mountain Film Festival and the Platinum Award at the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival, through the lens, Mighty Waters conveys Ansil’s powerful message of hope, peace and humanity in a way that inspires and empowers. It’s a film that takes viewers on an eye-opening journey that proves profoundly positive impacts can come from the smallest, most unassuming places.

“As a fishing brand, we don’t always get to tell stories that resonate with anglers and non-anglers alike. Mighty Waters is an inspiring exception,” says Simms CMO, Strick Walker. “Ansil Saunders is a hero. His story is compelling and unifying, whether or not you fish.”

This is an important and timely film. We, at Fly Fusion and the International Fly Fishing Film Festival are honoured to play a role in sharing the message alongside Simms, Costa and the American Museum of Fly Fishing as well as many others in our industry.  Please take a few minutes to sit back and soak in these words.  Then carry them with you to do your part in levelling the playing field! 

Hop on over and watch the full length film HERE!

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