Time-Tested Reviews | Free Fly Shade Hoodie

The Free Fly Shade Hoodie very became an essential part of my go-to angling wear through the summer months. I put in a lot of hours on the river and I found the Shade Hoodie comfortable in all situations, whether a dawn-to-dusk float or a more demanding walk-and-wade. The Shade Hoodie provides UPF 50+ so even during scorching days I never felt overheated. The hottest day I fished this summer was 38 degrees Celsius; I did an eight-hour float that day. Between staying well hydrated and wearing the Free Fly Shade Hoodie, not once did I feel any negative effects from the extreme heat.


The hoodie is also lightweight and comfortable. I’m a very standard men’s large in all the clothing I wear, and I found the Shade Hoodie true to size, even after being washed. It fit comfortably in the chest area and fit well length-wise in the arms and on the torso. And not that style is a top priority on the water, but the first time I wore it my kids said it looked great and made me look younger—apparently Free Fly apparel has the ability to not only keep the sun out but also take a few years off! The Free Fly Shade Hoodie a great buy and one I plan to wear well beyond the testing period.


Reviewed by: Derek Bird

Time-Tested Reviews | Orvis Jackson Quick-Dry Pants

I ended up putting these pants through some tough conditions and was impressed overall. I fished them in hot weather, and bushwhacked through devil’s club and salmon berries. I butt-slid down slabby rocks and mud slopes. Through all this, the pants didn’t show any visible signs of wear. They’re durable.  My pair fit true to size, if not an inch roomy. I like the high rise and wide back belt loop. A thicker diameter belt fit through the loops and they felt secure. The slight knee gussets were functional and allowed for good mobility while wet. Although, I wish the pockets were cut a little deeper on the outside seam. It’s possible some loose articles could fall out while seated.


The cut, and fabric, make for a sharp look when paired with a nice shirt, and the functional internal cargo pocket (right side only) and orange accents give a sporty nod to the fact that these are pants to fish in. The material feels smooth and lightweight. With added light stretch, these pants are comfortable when wading. The rubber zipper pull bulb is a nice touch, without looking cheap. Quick dry? Yes. In ambient air temperature at 25 degrees Celsius and in direct midday sunlight, they dried completely in under 20 minutes. These are a great buy for any angler in the market for quick-dry pants.


Reviewed by: Derek Bird

Time-Tested Reviews | Rep Your Water Sun Hoody

Recently, my daughter asked me why, almost every day, do I wear the same blue hoodie I bought at the visitors’ centre in Grande Cache?

I wasn’t sure how to answer her. Am I getting old as dirt? Perhaps. But also: when I find something I like, I stick with it. Which is why it’s been such a treat—and a bit of a relief, I suppose—to have found a new favourite hoodie.

The RYW Sun Hoody is a Merino wool blend that fits and feels right. It’s soft and light and breathe-able while being protective of the summer-season elements (UPF 30+), but also great as a base-layer when temperatures start to drop—which they have, at least up here.

Recently, on a wind-whipped stream at 1,600 metres I found myself thankful for the shirt’s oversized hood, and then later, tucked into my camper, I was glad for its supple, slightly-stretchy material as I slid into my sleeping bag. I don’t usually sleep with a shirt until I get to know it a little better, but what can I say? I was genuinely seduced: Rep Your Waters donates three per cent from every purchase to conservation groups.

Supporting our local conservation orgs isn’t something we all tend to make time for. I’m not saying buying a shirt is the same as volunteering for your local TU, but if a company is showing that they’re willing to walk the walk when it comes to giving back to our rivers, I’m certainly willing to give their line-up due consideration if I’m in the market for new gear.

RYW’s Grass Merino Sun Hoody suits my needs. It has the utilitarian mark of simple, quality design and because its materials are naturally odour-reducing (thanks, Merino sheep!), whether Im picking off small rainbows in a shallow riffle of picking up kids after school, I can wear it as my daily-driver.

Now, if my daughter asks why I always wear the same hoody, at the very least, I have an answer.


Reviewed by: Bob Covey