Buffet Series Season 2 | Winter Buffet

We all love fly fishing in the Summer, but for those who don’t mind the cold find that Winter has some AMAZING opportunities for the fly fisher. Small midges and light tippet are the key to unlocking the river’s secrets! We hope you enjoy!

Series Overview: Three years ago we launch the original Buffet Series which consisted of 8 fly fishing adventures from around the globe. We had so much fun creating and sharing those stories that we decided to create a second round of fly fishing adventure films. In season 2 we stay a bit closer to home and focus on the amazing trout fisheries the West has to offer. We invite you to join us on these adventures as we share some of our favorite experiences with you. Whether your preference is chasing trout in a cold mountain stream, bonefish on a secluded flat, or large mouth bass in your favorite warm water pond, this series has something for you!

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