Water Lure Sally

Tying the Water Lure Sally:

Hook: Size 10-16 (Size 12 shown) Ahrex Freshwater 531

Hot spot/Head: Semperfli 12/0 red flat waxed thread

Thread: Semperfli 12/0 black Nano Silk Thread

Body: Yellow Holographic Tinsel

and Semperfli Perfect Quill in medium,

covered in Deer Creek Diamond Fine Resin

Underwing: 2mm yellow fly tying foam, cut with River Road Creations Foam Cutter

Wing: Bleached Nature’s Spirit Select Cow Elk and opal mirage 1/69″ 1733 Lateral Scale

Hackle: Whiting Farms High & Dry Grizzly Dyed Golden Straw

(originally published in Volume 16, Issue 4)

Tied by John & Katie Demuth   

John and Katie reside near the beautiful rivers of East Tennessee where they spend their free time fly fishing, tying and photographing flies.  John earned the honor of becoming an Eagle Scout growing up and later served in the US Marine Corps in Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Katie grew up near the rivers of the Great Smoky Mountains and later served in the United States Army.  Both John and Katie are Pro Team members for Renzetti, Semperfli, J. Stockard and Deer Creek Flies.  They have done photography for local charities and organizations in addition to participating in tying demonstrations at shows and outfitters.

Visit them today @demuth_flyfishing