Stream Lines | Seuss, Pooh, and the Inner You

Dinner parties and tastes aside, my inner child joins me on every trip to the river. I suspect the reason for this is best summed up by Christopher Robin’s honey loving companion when he said, “When you see someone putting on his Big Boots, you can be pretty sure that an adventure is going to happen.” For me, the biggest boots I have happen to be my wading boots, which is perfect because there are fewer things that my adult self and my inner child enjoy more than a fly-fishing excursion.

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Stream Lines | No Clear Solution

Fly Fusion’s founding editor, Derek Bird, recently invited all the world leaders to join him on a fly-fishing trip to one of his favourite streams in the Canadian Rockies. Though no one took him up on his offer, the invitation is well worth investing the time it takes to read.

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April Vokey’s on the Hunt for Secluded Waters

Check out April Vokey in “Discovering New Water”, the latest photo essay in the winter edition of Fly Fusion. Vokey choppers into one of central British Columbia’s most remote and pristine streams in search of bull trout. To see the full photo essay  subscribe here or go out and buy a copy on newsstands.

Photographer: Jeremy Koreski



April Vokey in Dubai

Check out the latest edition of Fly Fusion, which features field editor April Vokey’s trip to Dubai where she fishes for queenfish (photos by Andrew Burr). Pick the issue up at newsstands or subscribe here.

Photo of the Day: Fly Fusion Series

Fly Fusion field editor, April Vokey, and editor, Derek Bird, take a break from the rigours of the fishing day on British Columbia’s Blackwater River to chat about dry flies, aggressive trout, and the rugged backcountry.

Jim McLennan Talks Streamers (Part 2)

In this Fly Fusion Magazine podcast, Jim McLennan and Derek Bird continue their discussion about streamer fishing. This is part two of a two part podcast (click here if you missed part one) and in today’s instalment they talk about cutting down on leader length, how to adjust the casting stroke for heavy flies, and Jim’s aversion to rabbit strip streamers.


Jim McLennan Talks Streamer Fishing

In this Fly Fusion Magazine podcast, Jim McLennan and Derek Bird talk about a variety of streamer techniques. This is part one of a two part podcast and in today’s instalment they cover fishing streamers from a drift boat, swinging streamers and dead drifting streamers. Visit us again tomorrow for part two when Jim and Derek finish up their conversation by discussing how to adjust the casting stroke for heavy flies and Jim’s aversion to rabbit strip streamers.

Image: Paula Shearer