The Guide Issue

The latest edition is headed to mailboxes as we speak!  Keep an eye out for your copy arriving in the next week or so.  Here’s a little peek into what you can expect from this issue…

Fish On, Log Off – Photos Without Hashtags | Jessica Haydahl Richardson

Equipped with digital cameras and smart phones, most of us have the power to take images and videos at any moment in time. However, if we don’t learn how to use our digital devices properly, all that image-capturing power will go unharnessed.

Being a photographer isn’t always about being the most artistic person in the room. Much of your success will come from making sure you plan ahead.

Going the Distance – Spey Cast Power Moves | Kate Watson

Anglers often associate power with distance, but Spey is a dance between you, the line and rod as an extension of your arms, and the current. Adding distance to your cast is not always necessary to target fish, however, there are situations where distance casting can help you reach those far-off seams and mid-river structure.

Not to mention, adding distance to your cast simply feels euphoric.

Online Strangers, Flyline Friendships | Nick Trehearne

As kids, we’re told not to talk to strangers. While that may have given our parents peace of mind, abiding by that rule later in life does us a disservice. Recently, on a whim, I reached out to fly fishing guide, casting instructor and Instagram influencer, Paula Shearer. The result was a fast friendship and an incredible day on the river.

Manners Maketh Man | Cassandra Ellery

As fly fishing grows, manners, morals and standards—let’s call it river etiquette—can be forgotten, unlearned or even ignored. As ambassadors of the sport, it’s up to us to ensure this doesn’t happen. Good manners aren’t a substitute for good times, but being a courteous angler will help you avoid conflict and protect the resource.


Profiles interview with April Vokey

Five more casts | Derek Bird

Follow Your Leader | Jeff Wagner

High Mountain Bliss | Derek Olthius

Five Proven Patterns to Tempt the Biggest Trout in the Lake | Brian Chan

Wetter is Better | Dana Harrison

Intruder Alert! | Irene Vucko

Diversify! | Jim McLennan