Time-Tested Reviews | Semperfli Fly Tying Materials

I will admit this was not my first time using Semperfli fly tying products, but it didnt stop me from trying to use them on all of the flies I tied this past summer. I believe the material most people are aware of is their Nano Silk threads—and for good reason. These threads’ strength, especially at as small as 20D, is fairly amazing.

I had not heard of Dirty Bug Yarn but soon fell in love with it. It is basically a dubbing replacement using mottled yarn. Conversely, Semprefli also makes Dry Fly Poly Yarn. If you want to save time, or you can’t bring yourself to enjoy dubbing, they are a great alternative. Semperflis catalog of materials is seemingly endless; I would not hesitate to recommend any of them to anyone.


Reviewed by: Dana Harrison