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Don’t Mention It | Allen Crater

“My buddy was taking me to one of his top-secret fishing spots, a stretch he affectionately terms “The Murder Water.” I’ve never been entirely sure what that means but, coming from a cop, it doesn’t seem like a compliment.”

Can You Go Home Again? | Jim McLennan

Fifty years after forming his first fishing memories there, Jim McLennan wondered if his nostalgic recollections of Jasper National Park, in Alberta, would be tarnished by the changes which must have surely transpired there. In the summer of 2022, he returned to find out.

Snap Judgement | Dylan Leader

Having grown up in lake-rich Ontario, photographer Dylan Leeder’s view of angling was that it was boring and banal. A decade of being in Canada’s west piqued his interest in outdoor sports, but never did he consider fly fishing to be a way to chase adrenaline. Until he met Paula Shearer.

Fifty Flies To Try, Part Deux | Jeremy Davies

Alberta-based fly tyer Jeremy Davis designs patterns that are simple and effective. While he’s got plenty of tried-and-true nymphs, dries and streamers that catch fish, what’s holding his interest—and the trout’s—this spring are flies which incorporate new, innovative and bright materials.

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