2021 Gift Guide | Sea Run Case

Tested & Reviewed by Derek Bird

Because of the COVID pandemic, I didn’t have the opportunity to test out the Sea Run on any cross-continent trips. I did, however, use it on cross-province trips and cross-Island adventures. There’s a lot to like about this case. Most notably, it provides a level of protection for expensive fly-fishing gear. The case has a strong outer shell and ample padding on the inside. There’s room for multiple reels and a number of rods. I often stored four 9-foot 4-piece rods and had room for more if needed. The Sea Run helped to keep me a little more organized through the summer months, and on family trips the case provided me with peace of mind. Apparently, when it comes to storing gear in a trunk packed with luggage, not everyone fully grasps just how important dad’s fly rods actually are to him. For those who do comprehend how valuable the contents of the case are, the Sea Run integrates a convenient locking system. For me, the Sea Run was an unexpectedly impressive product.

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