New & Noteworthy | Outcast OSG Clearwater

No matter what kind of angler you are, at some point you’ve probably pondered buying a boat. It’s a rite of passage, really, to daydream about floating down a beautiful river with just you, the scenery, and all the fish downstream. One of the more frustrating things about purchasing a boat is that it’s not a cheap endeavor. Fiberglass drift boats can cost as much as a vehicle, and some of the smaller single-person inflatables just don’t provide enough storage or rowing power. Enter the Outcast OSG Clearwater.

The Clearwater, brand new for 2021, takes some of the design elements from Outcast’s multi-person inflatable rafts and transitions them to a sturdy, well-appointed, single-person frameless raft. For gear heads, the Clearwater features trampoline-style cargo spaces in the front and the rear, allowing you to pack up to 450-lbs. of gear (including yourself, of course.) The open oarlock system accommodates longer strokes, allowing you to really get after it in rough water, if need be, and the high back seat sits on top of an inflatable thwart, allowing for excellent visibility and rowing. The best part? The boat only weighs 35-lbs. and can easily fit in the back of a pickup truck. No trailers required.

$1,299 |