Orvis Releases New Helios™

Orvis, the family-owned and operated outdoor retailer that pioneered the modern fly rod, announces its next generation of Helios rods. The new Helios is four times more accurate than its ground-breaking predecessor the Helios 3 (H3) and is 25 percent stronger and 10 percent lighter in hand. The result is an intuitive fly rod that is defining a new era in fly rod manufacturing. “Helios rods are what people think of when they think of Orvis innovation and leadership in fly fishing,” said Orvis President Simon Perkins. “We had something really special with the Helios 3, and we wanted to challenge ourselves with something better. Because the team in our Rod Shop is the best in the world, the result is revolutionary.”

Conceived and built by designers, engineers and rod builders in Manchester, Vermont, the new Helios is the most advanced fly rod in fishing and an unprecedented leap forward in the industry. The new rod displays dramatically increased hoop strength and a radical reduction in rod tip displacement when casting. The result is a rod that is able to deliver a cast that is measurably more accurate than the competition, tracking four times better than the industry-leading Helios 3. It is endorsed by Orvis’s vast network of professional guides and anglers many of whom part of the official testing process across seven countries.

“The new Helios is a reimagining of what’s possible in a fly rod and its ability to deliver the best experience for an angler. Four times more accurate than the industry-benchmark H3 is not hyperbole,” said Shawn Combs, director of fishing design and development. “We’ve built the tools to quantify what’s been measured historically in our industry through feel. This rod is where instinct and innovation meet. The result is the most accurate rod in the world. We know it when we cast it, and we see it in the data.” The Helios is available in two distinct series, Distance (D) and Finesse (F). The D-Series offers increased line speed, lifting power and stored energy and is available in a variety of sizes, from 4-weight for small stream trout to 14-weight for billfish in saltwater. The F-Series features increased sensitivity optimized for delicate presentations and tippet protection and is available in sizes ranging from 2 weight to 8 weight.

“It’s fun to think of Orvis as a start-up in the 1850s and how Charles F. Orvis wanted to give someone the tool that would introduce them to the natural world in a way that would change their life,” said Perkins. “That’s really what this new generation of Helios does. It makes any angler their best. And when you’re your best, you want to get out and live for more unforgettable moments on the water.” The Helios fly rod collection (MSRP $1098-$1198) is available online and at select independent fly shops and Orvis retail stores. To explore the Helios collection, please go to www.orvis.com/helios-fly-fishing-rods.