Henneberry Hopper | Jeremy Davies

This is a very realistic hopper pattern that is quite easy to tie and floats like a cork. You simply have to buy the foam bodies and tie legs, antron wing and an indicator on it. I started using this pattern about three years ago and was immediately impressed by how it accurately mimics a hopper and that it was impossible to sink. I have found this pattern to be particularly effective in late summer when streams are low and super clear. It also quite easy to see and takes are often very subtle almost like the manner that a trout sips a caddis or mayfly.

Hook: 2x long dry fly hook sz 8 to 12

Thread: Tan Uni-Thread 8/0

Body: MFC Foam Hopper Bodies- tan, yellow or gray

Wing: Tan MFC Widows Web or Antron yarn

Indicator: Orange foam or yarn

Legs: Barred Tan rubber legs

Featured in “Best Ties for Summer Flies” in the Summer 2021 issue of Fly Fusion