Griz’s Naked Nymph by Todd Schotts

Looking to beef up your spring nymph collection? Check out this delicious piece of trout candy by custom tier Todd Schotts.

Griz’s Naked Nymph Recipe:

Hook: Mustad 37160 size 16
Thread: UTC Tan 70 Denier
Bead: Tungeston Red 3/32 (2.4mm)
Weight: .025 or .035
Rib: Tippet 6x or 5x
Underbody: Hareline Hares Ear Ice Dub
Overbody: Heavy Medical Latex 1/32”
Thorax: SLF Squirrel Dub Brown
Collar: Glo Brite Orange Thread
Back Color: Prismatic or Sharpie Brown Marker