Gear Review: The Scott Flex

There are a lot of new fly rods on the market this
 year and many of them have price tags that place
 them in the high-end category. Possibly one of the most remarkable aspects about the Flex is that it has a high-end feel without the high-end price tag. Aside from the price point ($475US), the American built rod 
is impressive to cast and has a number of features characteristic of high-end rods. The Flex has a smooth feel and is a moderate fast action rod that matches well with true to weight lines. It’s a good all around rod that functions well at a variety of casting distances. More than that, the rod looks good. It’s got a dark textured finish, and has a sharp looking recessed reel seat with the Scott logo opposite the reel positioning. The Flex comes in 3wt through 8wt. check it out