Gear Review: The Predator by Tacky

The Tacky team has done it again. The crew applied their innovative silicone mat and magnetic latch system to an enlarged fly box designed to house large streamers. The Predator has slats in the mat that run vertically in order to accommodate an added feature: a wishbone-shaped plastic piece that can be placed at the head of the fly to keep the head and the hook aligned in the box. This is especially convenient for streamers that are weighted at the head. The new box is 11-inches long and six-inches wide, so it has ample room for plenty of big flies. The powerful magnetic latch is a failsafe closing system and the clear top makes flies visible to the angler. The box is durable and functional, which are just a couple of the reasons the Fly Fusion team believes the Predator is a great buy.  Click here to check them out.