Gear Review: Stillwater Series by Scientific Anglers

The line designers at Scientific Anglers gave their stillwater line series a facelift this year. There are five new lines for different stillwater situations. Three of them are designed to fish the upper water column. With a sink rate of one inch-per-second, the primary purpose of the Hover is to enable an angler keep the fly in the film. The Clear Camo is a stealthy line created with a muted, mottled core covered with a supple translucent coating. This is a full intermediate (1.25ips) line effective in environments where fish receive a little extra pressure. The Clear Midge Tip features a clear five-foot tip section with a sink rate of 1.25ips. Each of these surfacesearching lines are designed a full lineweight heavy to aid in casting longer leaders and multiple flies. Along with the uppercolumn lines, Scientific Anglers also developed a couple of lines to reach fish deeper in the water column. The Seamless Density features line sections with varying sink rates allowing for consistently increasing sink rates, which in turn keeps the angler more in touch with the fly. The Parabolic Sink is created to entice trout in the lower water column. Designed to sink in a U-shape to suspend flies off the bottom, the line has a Sink 3 running line, a Sink 5 head, and a Sink 3 tip. The two deepsinking lines have 10 and 20foot hangmarkers and are created two line weights heavy. (USD $89.95)