Gear Review: Orvis Nippers

With so many different species fly anglers can target nowadays, the amount a person can spend on species specific gear adds up quickly. So I suspect that more and more companies will design tools, gear and gadgets that, where possible, will be useful across a broader species spectrum. Orvis is a prime example. They produced nippers a trout angler can use on his home trout stream and also on the saltwater holiday he’s taking to the Seychelles. The body of the tool is machined from aluminum with a Type III anodizing, the same kind of corrosion resistance found on high-wear aerospace parts and the finest fly reels. The replaceable cutters are designed in a cutter-and-anvil design, which ensures a cleaner cut. According to Orvis fly-fishing guru, Tom Rosenbauer, who’s tested the nippers on species from trout to tarpon, “…not only does the shape allow the snips to cut through 80-pound shock tippet, it also makes it easier to cut fine tippet like 7X because it ensures the jaws close cleanly over the fine stuff.” click here