Gear Review: Orvis Battenkill Disk Reel

Fly fishers today live in a very fortunate time. They have access to traditional gear, fully modernized gear and fully modern gear designed to honor traditional gear. Such is the case with Orvis’ Battenkill Disk Reel. The exterior of the reel remains true to its impressive heritage, but the interior components fully capitalize on the latest technological advancements. Fly Fusion staff tested the Battenkill III designed to match 5-7wt lines. Testers found the sealed drag system, which is based on the award-winning Hydros SL reel, both smooth and very easy to adjust. Built from aircraft aluminum, the Battenkill is lightweight and strong. Spools are easy to switch in and out with no extra parts to remove. In short, the testers thoroughly enjoyed reel. Its functional simplicity consistently impressed them. The reel is available in sizes that match 2-10wt lines and there are also two spey reels in the family.