Gear Review: Hodgman’s VION H-Lock Boots

Hodgman developed an innovative interchangeable sole system to help anglers deal with the varied terrain they regularly encounter. The versatility provided by the H-Lock boots allows anglers to switch from felt to studded felt, and from to rubber or studded rubber depending on whether they’re in and out of a drift boat or scaling steep banks on a remote mountain stream. Testers liked the idea of the versatile sole system and found that it was easiest to change soles with the boot off the foot. Aside from the versatility of the boots, testers also found the boots to be quite comfortable. Designers created the VION H-Lock with durability in mind. The boots feature a molded toe guard and double-stitched construction. If you like a sturdy boot, and you live in an area where your boots see lots of different terrain,
be sure to check out Hodgman’s new offering.