Gear Review: fishpond Emerger Net

Staff fished with the smaller Native Nomad net for the last couple of seasons and appreciated the fact the net fit perfectly into the net slot on fishpond backpacks. The Emerger Net has all the assets of the Native Nomad, but with a little bit of added length. The Emerger has a longer opening (18.8”) than the Native but is still slender enough (9.8” wide) to fit comfortably into the backpack. With the hoop shape and size, the net is the perfect for the angler who does a lot of walk-and-wade trips on rivers where larger trout reside. Because fishpond designed the net to fit the pack, an angler does not have to dedicate a free hand to the net when moving from one location to the other. Staff also appreciated the net’s non-slip handle and the fact net mesh is designed to be very gentle on trout. This is the perfect mid-sized net. It’ll handle larger fish but it’s not overly cumbersome. With the mid-sized handle the net is also perfect to use in Water Masters and pontoon boats. click here