Gear Review: Cortland’s MKII Competition Series

The Fly Fusion team tested the stillwater and nymph rods in Cortland’s new MKII Competition Series.  Testers found the MKII Lake Rod (a 10ft, 6-wt) to perform very well on many different levels. The length of the rod provided a few advantages for the stillwater angling environment. It handled long leaders well and also provided extra leverage when sitting closer to the water in a pontoon boat. The rod also had enough backbone to handle the newer extra-weight stillwater lines. When battling larger stillwater trout, the extra length allowed for better control of the fish, which was critical when close to a doubled-anchored boat. The Fly Fusion team also enjoyed testing the 10’6”, 3-wt MKII Nymph Rod.  This rod excels as a nymph rod. Even with the extra length it feels light and is sensitive in all the right places. It bends deeply and loads easily. The rod also is soft enough in the tip that testers weren’t breaking off fish at the hook set. The rod has a sharp-looking down-locking reel seat and a comfortable fighting butt for proper weight distribution. These rods will find a place in the hearts of the stillwater and nymphing crowd. (USD $675)