Gear Review: Big Nasty by RIO

In the area of fly lines, fly fishing has
 obviously progressed. We’ve come a long
 ways since the days of the encased glass
 display providing meager choices between
 floating and full-sink lines in a few different
 weights. Now there are literally hundreds of 
line choices for the consumer to fit unique 
angling needs. Enter the Big Nasty by RIO. It’s a floating line designed with a specific 
purpose in mind: to turn over large flies, whether they be large streamers, dries or nymphs. The Big Nasty is front loaded so there’s a better energy transfer when turning over big flies, and the long handling section at the back of the head makes it easy to cast long distances and mend the line once it’s on the water. If you’re like members of Fly Fusion’s team and you swing large streamers on sink tips through the spring, or you’ve got an early summer love affair with oversized foam stoneflies, you’ll want to check out the Big Nasty.