Fly By | Nick Laferriere

“As an artist, we get some projects that come our way that we get to express our artistic expression on a few different levels. In this case, the love for the mountains and fly fishing!

Many of us fly fishers when the snow sets in, we put away our fly gear for the season and dust off our ski and snowboard equipment! I wanted to do something that encompasses our two passions. When Gilson approached me I immediately had ideas pour into my head. After several sketches and redraws, I was able to incorporate my favourite mountain that I see when I look out of my studio window and the water cascading down the mountain.

Here I was able to include a Green Drake hatch, Pennsylvania’s state fish (Brook Trout), California’s state fish (Golden Trout), and Colorado’s state fish (Greenback Cutthroat). I included these three species for visual appeal and because Gilson informed me that these three states were their biggest sellers. The base of the board I wanted to contrast the highly detailed top with lots of colour, choosing the Brook Trout again.

We artists get approached to do a lot of different projects for all types of applications and this one was a great challenge and a ton of fun to have full creative control!

– Nick Laferriere | Artist