2021 Gift Guide | Fishpond Hailstorm Soft Cooler

Tested & Reviewed by Jim McLennan

This cooler caught my eye immediately, because the outside is made of waxed cotton – that beautiful earthy fabric made famous by companies like Hardy, Barbour and Filson. Waxed cotton? For a cooler? Yes, and if that makes it an analog cooler in a digital world that’s more than okay with this decidedly analog guy. And, it’s the best cooler I’ve used. I don’t know what Fishpond puts between the outer and inner layers, but this thing keeps drinks very cold all day with just freezer packs; no ice required. There’s also a small, handy trap door on top so you can reach in to get a cold one without letting the cold out. It accompanies me on all outdoor adventures.

All the specs and features can be found at online fishpondusa.com