Editor’s Choice Awards | Best Hooks

Umpqua X-Series

 If we’re being honest, fly-fishing hooks are sort of like an anonymous cog in a well-oiled machine; they’re only noticed when they fail. That’s why it’s important to use quality hooks in your own tying, and Umpqua’s new X-Series is a great place to start. Developed with what they dub a BN5X, or black nickel 5 times, finish for extreme corrosion resistance, the X-Series hooks also feature a high carbon content, which not only makes the points sharper, but makes the hooks stronger as well. One feature we particularly like is the V-Lock Bend, which is a slight angle placed in the bend of the hook that, when combined with the Micro Barbs, results in less fish lost. The X-Series is available in Saltwater and Trout offerings, including some of Umpqua’s most popular models over the years.

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