2019 Editor’s Choice Products

Looking for the perfect gift for Dad this Father’s Day? Here’s a recap on the list of new and noteworthy products we awarded with the distinction of Fly Fusion Editor’s Choice in 2019….




Clutch Fly Rods | Fluent Series

Editor’s Choice: Best Overall Fly Rod

Clutch is relatively new on the scene. The deflection is in the middle of the pack and the recovery is fast. The white reel-seat and natural graphite blank create a unique look. The rod helps you stay in tune with every cast, providing a sixth sense of the orientation of the fly in relation to the rod tip at every moment. It’s a rod you can use for everything and forget you have it in hand. A strong standout for our testing crew. clutchfishing.com


Scientific Anglers | Amplitude Smooth Trout Fly Line

Editor’s Choice: Freshwater Line

It’s no secret that the Fly Fusionstaff has a love affair with trout. We’re constantly looking for a way to fool the one fish in the hole that seems just a little too smart. The Amplitude Smooth Trout is one of the highest-performance smooth fly lines around, with up to five times less drag and  eight times the durability of traditional lines. Featuring Scientific Angler’s AST Plus slickness additive, the Amplitude Smooth Trout is designed specifically for precise deliveries to fool trout on the surface. The elongated front taper is designed for delicate presentations and is ideal for casting small dry flies to picky risers.    scientificanglers.com


Howler Brothers | Aguacero Rain Jacket

Editor’s Choice: Outerwear

Meticulously designed and tested, Howler Brothers brand-new Aguacero Rain Jacket is constructed of 2.5-layer nylon-bonded lightweight fabric, with a touch of spandex to keep you freewheeling when you’re in the deluge. The taped seams and waterproof zippers keep the water out and your core cozy but the vented sides allow you to open up and let off some steam when things heat up. It’s fully packable into its hood and features western-style front pockets, bungee drawcords and Bros Bolt logo. Available in Original Yellow, Verde Jungle Print, Post Blue, and Evac Black, this is one sexy jacket.   howlerbros.com

Tacky | Flydrophobic SD

Editor’s Choice: Fly Box

Tacky is at it again with another innovative take on fly storage, this time redefining what it means for a fly box to be waterproof. The Flydrophobic SD not only keeps moisture out but is also breathable, allowing any captured moisture to escape. This new waterproof breathable system (patent pending) is the first of its kind and allows damp, used flies to dry. Gone are the days of rusted hooks and damaged flies. This 8-ounce fly box features a latchless waterproof closure, a molded slit-silicone mat and holds 66 to 88 flies.    tackyflyfishing.com

Simms Fishing Products | G4 Pro Shift Pack

Editor’s Choice: Pack

New from Simms is the G4 Pro Shift Pack, a stellar 2-in-1 backpack that provides the storage space of a backpack and the access of a hip-pack. The backpack houses a rotating waist pack that swings to the front allowing easy access to essential gear without removing the pack. Built with tons of storage space and equipped with adjustable shoulder straps with load lifters, an adjustable sternum strap and an air-mesh padded-back frame, this pack is comfortable and functional.    simmsfishing.com


Ross Reels | Evolution LTX

Editor’s Choice Saltwater Reel

The Ross Evolution series defined the modern trout reel and we loved it. Now Ross has introduced the Evolution LTX, which is the perfect combination of original Evolution LT feel and Evolution R performance. The ultra-smooth drag found in the Evolution LT has a long and revered history, but Ross’s engineering team took this design to the next level. The drag debuting with the LTX is over four times stronger than its predecessor’s, while retaining the sound and feel that helped make the Evolution an icon. The large-arbour spool includes an innovative line-channel for cleanly hiding arbour knots when winding on backing. The LTX also incorporates a handle machined from canvas phenolic rod, which reduces weight, adds durability, and increases grip when wet. These improvements make the LTX a true light-saltwater contender, perfectly at home on the flats as it is on the banks of a western river.    rossreels.com

RIO Products | Directcore Bonefish Fly Line

Editor’s Choice: Saltwater Line

After the successful introduction of the DirectCore Flats Pro saltwater lines, RIO has added the new DirectCore Bonefish line, which has a long head and rear taper to smooth out the loop and make long, efficient casts, and a mid-length front taper for great turnover and easy presentation with typical bonefish flies. The lines are built on RIO’s low-memory DirectCore that is extremely easy to stretch and lies perfectly straight on the water, yet retains the stiffness needed in hot conditions. A high-floating coating ensures the running line will not sink. The series is available in WF6F through WF9F and in a sand/orange/blue colour combo.  Rioproducts.com


Loon Outdoors | Tin Weights

Editor’s Choice: Eco Friendly

Everything that Loon Outdoors makes is filtered through the lens of what is best for the waters we play in, and we like that about them.The new tin weights are available in either camo or black. These non-toxic weights are coated with a durable matte finish that both adds to longevity and keeps the weight from sliding on the line. The natural colours and subtle mottled texture won’t scare spooky fish.  The double-cut design makes these weights easily adjustable and truly re-usable, as they don’t require a special tool to open and remove them from the leader. Both the Camo Drops and Black Drops come in nine different sizes, as well as four different multi-packs.  The individual twist-pots conveniently dispense single weights, and are easily refilled.  loonoutdoors.com

Renzetti | 2300 Series Traveler Vise

Editor’s Choice: Vise

With a beefed-up pedestal to support its streamlined frame, the new 2300 Series Traveler from Renzetti displays exceptional stability throughout the tying process. The lean framework provides strength while allowing ample room for a tier to work. The ease of Renzetti’s rotary function is evident in the latest edition of the Traveler. Different positions for mounting the vise jaws provide the tier with the ability to maintain a smooth rotary function as hook sizes change. While nimble enough to hold size 28 hooks, the jaws have the strength and grip to hold hooks up to size 2. The visual upgrade of a black anodized finish takes an already sleek-looking vise to the next level.   renzetti.com

Dr. Slick | Squall Pliers

Editor’s Choice: Accessory

The new Squall Pliers from Dr. Slick are designed with HR 70+ anvil tungsten carbide side-cutters that make short work of any monofilament, and excel at cutting the new braid and synthetic lines. The jaws are made from heat-  treated SUS420 J2 coated stainless steel and can cut wire up to 60 lbs. The frame is made from 6061-T6 anodized aluminum to withstand salt water, and is equipped with non-slip rubber grips and a self-opening spring. It’s the most versatile plier in the Dr. Slick arsenal.  drslick.com

Loon Outdoors | Fly Tying Tool Kit

Editor’s Choice: Fly Tying Tool

The new fly-tying tool kit from Loon Outdoors is packaged in a heavy duty travel case and features the Ergo Arrow Point Scissors, Ergo All Purpose Scissors, Ergo Bobbin, Ergo Bodkin, Ergo Whip Finisher, Ergo Dubbing Brush and the Gator Grip Dubbing Spinner. This kit is an excellent choice for the first-time tier, but would also be a nice add to the pro’s bench.   loonoutdoors.com


Abrams Books | Down by the River

Editor’s Choice: Family Friendly

Down by the River, a children’s book by Andrew Weiner is a perfect introduction to fly fishing. The book, illustrated by April Chu, is a celebration of the power that fly fishing possesses in drawing families together and to the outdoors. It is a multigenerational family story with heart, and includes information about conservation, fly-fishing equipment and techniques.    abramsbooks.com