Bajio Announces Support of Bonefish & Tarpon Trust

Bajío, a leading independent sunglasses manufacturer, has announced its support of Bonefish & Tarpon Trust as a Silver Corporate Partner. Based in New Smyrna Beach, FL, Bajío is a brand motivated by a profound connection to the water and a drive to inspire positive change.

“We are so excited to be able to work with BTT!” said Bajío CEO Al Perkinson. “There are many challenges facing our flats today. Natural disasters, over development, water quality issues, ocean trash, climate change, over-fishing, and commercial irresponsibility all threaten the future of our flats. Finding solutions to mitigate the threats is not easy. These are complicated problems to untangle. However, if we build the case with solid, scientific data and rally together to amplify our voice, we can get the message heard and actions implemented. BTT has the data, the plan, and the ability to rally the troops. We are looking forward to enthusiastically adding our voice and our resources to the cause.”

Spanish for “the shallows,” Bajío strives to improve the quality of life for the world’s saltwater flats, the ecosystems they support, and the communities that depend on them. A carbon neutral company, Bajío manufactures its glasses with sustainability at the forefront, using plant-based materials in their frames and high-quality glass lenses built to filter out the bad and enhance the good.

From eco-friendly design and materials to recycled packaging, every business decision Bajío makes supports its mission to protect the world’s saltwater flats. Bajío is committed to creating and continuously improving its products to meet the highest performance standards while using the most sustainable resources and best practices available.

With over 100 years of collective eyewear experience, Bajío’s technical expertise runs deep. Every detail is designed for the demands of all-day use on the water. Using proprietary techniques, Bajío is able to improve lens clarity, reduce blur, glare and haze while enhancing color and protecting your eyes from harmful rays. Follow along at for the latest news and updates on Bajío’s quest to save the ocean, one flat at a time.

“We appreciate Bajio’s support of BTT,” said President and CEO Jim McDuffie. “Bajio not only produces acclaimed products that complement the sport and lifestyle our members enjoy but does so with an unwavering, values-driven commitment to the resource—and the planet.”