Adding to the Fly Arsenal: The High and Dry Caddis

Regular Fly Fusion contributor and innovative tier, Jeremy Davies, is always searching for ways to develop new patterns using synthetic materials. He says, “One style of fly that I use to mimic both standard and October caddis is Jeremy’s High & Dry Caddis, which has an antron wing, foam body, grizzly or brown hackle, and is tied on a light wire scud hook. The standard variety is tied with a tan foam body and a light brown antron wing. The October version is tied on a larger hook (sizes 8 to 12), with an orange foam body, a light brown antron wing and either grizzly or brown hackle. I also tie one to imitate the travelling sedge that we sometimes see in lakes in the spring. It is tied on a 3X-long dry-fly hook in sizes 6 to 10, and unlike other caddis patterns, has three sets of antron wings.”

Jeremy’s High and Dry Caddis by Jeremy Davies

Hook: Light wire scud hook, #10-16

Thread: Black or olive Uni-Thread, 8/0

Body: Cut and tapered foam

Wing: Antron yarn (typically tan or brown)

Hackle: Grizzly or brown

Tail: Black antron yarn (optional)