Adding to the Fly Arsenal: The Floating Evil Weevil

Looking for a versatile dry-fly pattern to tie during the colder months? The Floating Evil Weevil is a fly that imitates a number of insects trout love to snack on. Jeremy Davies, frequent Fly Fusion contributor says, “One of my favourite parachute patterns is the Floating Evil Weevil because it can be kept high and dry with floatant to represent a mayfly dun or it can be fished on a greased leader to pass as an emerger. It is tied on a light wire scud hook which gives it good hooking power and it can generally mimic any adult mayfly or even other adult insects such as caddis, midges or small stoneflies.”

Floating Evil Weevil by Jeremy Davies

 Hook: Light wire scud hook, #10-18

Thread: Olive Uni-thread, 8/0

Body: Light peacock Arizona Dubbing

Thorax: Natural peacock Arizona Dubbing

Post: White foam

Hackle: Grizzly

Legs: Brown goose biots

Tail: Pheasant tail or black antron yarn

Rib: Black Uni-Thread, 8/0