A St. Patrick’s Day Streamer

Happy St. Patrick’s day from the Fly Fusion staff. Though we recognize the many traditions used to celebrate the Irish festive day in March, just in case you want to add another to the list, here’s a recipe for Krueger’s Olive Sculp Gulp. Tie one on…your vice!

Krueger’s Olive Sculp Gulp by Chris Krueger

Hook: Daiichi 2461, #2-6

Thread: 140 denier, olive

Eyes: Pseudo Eyes, black nickel/yellow, large

Tail: MFC BuggerBou, Rickard’s sculpin olive

Outer Tail: Grizzly Mini Marabou, olive

Body: UV Polar Chenille, olive and copper

Collar: Guinea, olive

Legs: Grizzly Flutter Legs, olive

Head: Pseudo Hair, olive, barred with brown Prismacolor marker